Support for Samsung Pay


I think it’s more than the tech. As I mentioned here…

… Monzo probably have to do more technical integration than other banks because they have an in-house payments processor. Now, you might be right and the actual effort minimal in terms of code changes or whatever (although I believe there’s probably more to it than you think) - but even if you are I imagine there’s time for compliance, audit, paperwork etc.

And then there’s business priorities for Monzo. Rightly or wrongly, I think they’ve made it clear that they believe other functionality is more important and therefore prioritised. While it’s great that we can talk directly to Monzo folk, we need to remember that this isn’t a democracy and that, ultimately, Monzo will make their own decisions (though fortunately having heard and considered our feedback).

Ultimately, if something like Samsung Pay is important to you, then there are other options out there. I’m on record as a Fitbit user and while I’d love Monzo to support it, I know that that’s unlikely. I did, though, own a Starling account just for that purpose - but I’ve only ever used it a single digit number of times, and then only to try it out (or in emergencies). Your mileage, of course, may vary…

(Sunjay Bhogal ) #172

I also just gone and pre-ordered myself a Galaxy watch, so I am joining this bandwagon for Samsung Pay support.

(Tom Hayens-Smith) #173

Samsung Pay would be great for both phone and watch!

(Tim Banting) #174

Me too!


These stats on iPhone and Android users is not a useful justification for de-prioritising Samsung Pay. This is for two reasons:

Firstly, if you continue to prioritise iPhone features at the expense of Android features, your user base will become even more skewed over time, going below 30%. Monzo should be putting extra effort to woo Android users so that your user base reflects the ~50% market share Android has in the UK.

Secondly, the key reason stated by most of the people in this thread is about Samsung wearables rather than phones. Specifically Samsung watches. You can use Samsung watches with both iPhones and Android phones. Therefore the iPhone/Android split is irrelevant.

This is not about iPhone vs Android phone. It’s about being about to make payments on your Samsung watch, which can be connected to either type of phone.

This is also not about Android pay vs Samsung pay. Android pay does not exist on Samsung watches. It is not that people don’t want to use Android pay. They have no choice when it comes to Samsung watches.

(Gareth) #176

I really want to buy a Galaxy Watch but I know I probably shouldn’t (I can afford it but I am trying to save), so I have told myself I won’t buy one until Monzo commits to supporting Samsung Pay :joy:

(Simon B) #177

There was at least one justification whereby a user posted that they preferred Samsung Pay on their phone compared to Google Pay because xyz.

Other than that, I understand your argument, but my counterpoint is that we’ve never, not once, committed to building out a payment option solely for the purposes of a peripheral wearable device. That includes Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay etc. We don’t see a meaningful amount of demand for it at this point in time.

Regarding your first point - if we are strictly talking about wearables, then it’s no longer an Android/iOS prioritisation argument, because the Samsung wearables don’t run Android. They run Tizen.

Therefore I think it’s fair to say, to avoid confusion, that we have dedicated development resources for Android devices and iOS devices, but no other operating systems.


reflects the ~50% market share Android has in the UK

Surely if this was the case I’d be seeing the same amount of Android devices as iPhones… and yet somehow I pretty much only see iPhones around.

However, Monzo does support Android and Google Pay. I’m sorry if your handset manufacturer has intentionally chosen to cripple/not support the latter. Maybe buy a better one next time?

(Gareth) #179

I see lots more Android phones than iPhones. Guess it varies by location :thinking:

(Patrick) #180

Are there less Android customers because Android support has been very poor in the past? Or was Android support poor because there were less Android customers?

If someone is making a decision on a moving banks and one has Samsung Pay and the other doesn’t - and they have a Samsung smart watch - then it’s likely that they’ll go for the one that supports it.

There is no way of knowing how much of this is happening. I get that it’s not a priority (although I think it should be a priority to support all NFC devices and emerging technologies such as cheque imaging) - but the people dismissing it and saying, ‘go somewhere else then, you have Google Pay so why can’t you be satisfied…’ give a really bad impression.

A similar company of a similar size, started at roughly the same time already supports every NFC device out. People will just think, well why can’t Monzo?


If you mean Starling, that’s probably down to using GPS as a third party payment processor. GPS will have done most of the heavy lifting to get those payment methods onboard.

Monzo decided to write the payment processing backend from scratch due to GPS issues. That clearly seems to have both benefits and downsides, but given the issues at the time I think the decision was the right one long term.

Perhaps once things settle down resources will be freed up and these things can be worked on.


This is the point. Samsung have intentionally made their wearables non compatible with Google Pay, so it’s parially their fault why it’s not already supported

(Matthew) #183

Just to throw this out there, Samsung isn’t blocking Google Pay on it’s watches… Samsung’s smartwatches run Tizen OS and Google is within it’s right to create a Tizen app if it wanted to


Sure google could do but if Samsung had Wear OS on their watches then they wouldn’t need companies to support two systems


Just rumours at the moment, but this problem might soon be going away…

(Please make it go away)

(Matthew) #186

The Galaxy Watch is official and it runs Tizen OS


That was a quiet launch.

In which case I look forward to another year of people asking for Samsung Pay and Simon patiently explaining why it’s not on the roadmap. :slightly_frowning_face::disappointed_relieved:


I will say the magnetic secure transmission is cool as hell though not really needed due to the prevailence of contactless terminals in the UK.

But being able to walk up to any magstripe reader and complete a contactless transaction from your phone? That’s neat, just from a technology perspective.

(Patrick) #189

I know that. But your average customer doesn’t know or care about that and just sees that one supports everything and one doesn’t.

MST isn’t available on the UK versions of Samsung Pay (watch or phone) at all. Even if you take your UK phone to the US, it won’t work. Because we haven’t swiped cards for years.

(Simon B) #190

Samsung employees were spotted running prototypes of the Galaxy Watch that ran Wear OS, it’s frustrating that it didn’t come to fruition. However Samsung may have shot themselves in the foot with this decision, because I would bet that Google’s response will be to push forward with a Pixel Watch, which they might not otherwise have done.

Qualcomm have new wearable processors coming out soon, and Wear OS has much more developer support, so we will see what happens at Google’s hardware event in just over a month.

Samsung won’t win this game. The “killer app moment” for wearables has not really happened yet, but I strongly suspect that Google Assistant will be involved when that happens. Ultimately the assistants are the future, and wearables are a handy way to control them when voice prompts may not be appropriate or easy.

And we all know that Bixby is a waste of time. Even Siri struggles compared to Google Assistant.