Support for Samsung Pay


Which is true because I believe they use magstripe emulation so it would work on any magstripe terminal. This seems to be the only real selling point of Samsung Pay as everything else is just a shitty attempt at copying Android’s built-in features.

Maybe something to consider when Monzo launches in the US assuming Monzo is happy with the risks (it’s still magstripe after all so can be skimmed, etc).

(Patrick) #152

That’s because contactless isn’t as widespread in the USA (they’re very backwards). Samsung Pay in the US has MST, which basically tricks an old fashioned swipe card reader without contactless into thinking the card has been swiped.

This is disabled in the UK as we don’t swipe cards anymore.

In the UK, anywhere contactless payments are accepted Apple, Google, Samsung, Fitbit and Garmin pay will be accepted. So there is no difference on acceptance here.


btw i have note 8 with google pay, just the watch that doesnt support it, not sure if anyone else has replied this (theres been loads of posts!)

Also i have an unrooted phone and touchwizz removed, with my own launcher !

Ive order my Note9 too and tempted by the watch, but feels a waste of money if i cant even pay with it :’(

(Matthew Wolffsohn) #154

Are you sure you have to unlock your phone? Some Google pay payments can be made with just the screen on.

(Matthew) #155

Each MST transaction is still tokenised, so even if ‘skimmed’ it would be an unsuccessful attempt to get card details.

I really don’t understand the opposition to Samsung Pay - this was a thread asking if Monzo would supporting Samsung Pay, not whether Samsung Pay should exist or which mobile payment is ‘the best’.

Some people like Samsung Pay, deal with it?

(William Brown) #156

Android pay isn’t android pay it’s not google pay


Some people don’t like having to support 10 knockoff payment systems when 2 is all we need. Deal with it? :joy:

(Hugh Wells) #158

Unfortunately, this level of transparency isn’t always possible for various reasons.

I’m afraid Samsung Pay isn’t on the roadmap right now as we haven’t seen a huge demand for it - if more people wanted it then sure, we’d look into it :slight_smile:


That’s cool Hugh - I’m an Apple user so I really don’t care! :joy:

Outside of this forum - How do you gauge the “demand” for something you don’t offer?

I’ve never once emailed a bank to ask them to introduce instant notifications (for example) - So how would users who DO want Samsung Pay show their interest?

(Hugh Wells) #160

Good question!

I think engagement is different with challengers, such as ourselves :slight_smile: Maybe you wouldn’t email a legacy bank to ask for a feature, but is that because of the preconception that they won’t introduce it? Or because they don’t make it easy to give feedback?

One of the biggest ways customers get in touch to ask for new stuff is over social media; I think because it’s easy and already ‘integrated’ into people’s lives.

The Community Forum (ie. here!) is also really useful. I think it is important to remember that the demographic on here is a subset of our customers - whilst y’all might be really excited about the latest beta release of iOS 12, how many customers do we actually have running that version? The answer is usually: fairly little :wink:

(Jack) #161

I suppose you also take into account how many of your customers currently have a Samsung smartphone for example and of those who have/don’t have google pay setup?

Although this doesn’t provide an indication of those users that haven’t jointed because the feature doesn’t exist.


I think all of the above to be honest.

But I wonder how many other people would have the same attitude as me (eg. not bothering to ask for a feature, because…what’s the point?)

Do you have an easy way to track the requests? If someone asks for “Samsung Pay” via here, or the social media channels - Does that get recorded? Or is it more “general feel”.

I just had a quick twitter search for Samsung Pay and Monzo…

It returned this (amongst others).


(Hugh Wells) #163

That is a perennial problem…! Currently, we’re working on trying to track bug reports better - my bugs panel was deployed last week and the tracking element is coming this week. Once we have that we will (hopefully) be able to get accurate stats on how many cases of a bug we’re seeing.

Feature requests are more difficult and I think we’ll try to tackle that once we have a solid process for bugs.

At the moment, I’d say so. Tom did do so unscientific analysis on here though.

(Simon B) #164

No, because Samsung smartphones run Android and have access to Google Pay.

Our aim for NFC payments was simple : to support 100% of the compatible smartphones that our customers use. So that means Apple Pay and Google Pay.

We aren’t scoping out supporting wearable devices with their own OS, or systems that might run on devices that already have access to Google Pay, because it’s a tiny amount of users that would benefit from this, and for all of those users it’s a secondary system since they will always have access to Apple or Google Pay and thus aren’t locked out of NFC payments.

As we operate on our own infrastructure, it’s a considerable amount of work for us to build that only benefits a tiny fraction of our userbase.

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(Jack) #165

That makes sense, thanks Simonb!

(Dan) #166

I can understand why Samsung Pay hasn’t been implemented, but I just gone and pre-ordered myself a Galaxy Watch yo, so joining this bandwagon.

(Patrick) #167

How do Samsung/Google/Apple/etc Pay actually work in the background?

I would have thought most of the burden was on Apple/Google, Visa and MasterCard?

(Jack) #168

A bit technical, but this may be of interest:

(Hugh Wells) #169

Via something called MDES (Mastercard digital enablement service).

On a very high level, when you add a card to Google Pay we get an authorisation through Mastercard which can be approved/declined depending on various factors. Once the request has been authorised, a virtual PAN is generated for you and associated with your actual card PAN at the Mastercard level. Any transactions on that virtual PAN get routed to the original PAN by Mastercard with some additional information.

I’m not aware of the specific implementation for Samsung Pay :slight_smile:

(Patrick) #170

OK, so we can assume it’s pretty similar with all the other phone payment services…

This and the article above seem to indicate to me that the card networks do the vast majority of the legwork and it’s just presented to the bank for authorisation of funds.

So I don’t understand why it’s such a massive massive issue (obviously there is work involved, I know that) to support them all of you support one of them.