Support for Samsung Pay


Since the overlap between devices supporting Samsung Pay and Google Pay is very large (the only devices supporting Samsung Pay but not Google Pay, to my knowledge being some Gear watches), I think Samsung Pay is pretty niche.

Given that of my dozen or so debit/credit cards only very very few support Samsung Pay, while the majority supports Google Pay, most financial institutions also seem to think so.

But then, Monzo thrives on niches, such as emoji reactions, shared pots that only fit very narrow uses cases, etc :wink:

(Mark Jackson) #62

I can’t provide data. I came to the table because I personally use Samsung pay and like it and would like to be able to use it on Monzo. If there are other users that would like it too then all well and good


I have been waiting for ages for Monzo to adopt Samsung Pay so I can move my accounts from Santander, Nationwide and HSBC. I give up, may move them to First Direct instead :frowning:


Hi Dave! I also agree. I have been waiting for ages to join so I can move my accounts from the Co-op, Amex and MBNA. But I’ll hold on until the summer and if it still hasn’t arrived by then I may switch to Danske.

(Mark Jackson) #65

I’m waiting to move from Nationwide. I am not planning on going anywhere else as I think Monzo are so far ahead of other banks in many other ways. I just hope if we keep plugging away Samsung pay may be made available. I just prefer the way it works and the extra layer of security choice, pin, iris, or finger print options.


I wonder if I can find out the number of customers on Samsung :thinking: easily …


Yet another finance firm joins Samsung Pay

(Mark Jackson) #68

Looks like the big guys are joining in, come on Monzo you always lead the way.

(Brandon Billingham) #69

If that were true they’d have :apple: Pay :wink:


Question can you use Google Android pay app on the Samsung phones?

(Andy) #71

Yes you can use Google Pay on Samsung…

(Mark Jackson) #72


(Danzo) #73

If PayPal support for Samsung Pay now exists, and I have my Monzo acc/card linked to PayPal, then can I consider that a functional workaround?
Paypal payments and drops always seems to hit my monzo as instantaneously as other purchases/charges, so this idea holds water… unless i’m missing some glaring security/operational problem…


Nail on the head - Monzo won’t convince me to switch from a system that I’m alreaddy used to into an inferior one. Looks like Monzo won’t be a daily driver after all!


Just joining in here to keep the thread alive. I would also be interested in Samsung Pay so that i can use monzo as a daily driver with my gear s3

(Daniel Blow) #76

I too would be very interested in Samsung Pay - although until that happens, it looks likes Starling have added it, so I think I’ll have to use their system until Monzo gets on board!?

(Aaron Richards) #77

Would also like to see samsung pay, Gear S3 is the only real decent smartwatch for Android but doesn’t support google pay.

(Mariann Boros) #78

Please add Samsung Pay. If someone wears a smart watch with tizen OS, Samsung Pay is the only option to pay with their watches, and Samsung being one of the most popular Android phone brands, I’m sure many people use Samsung pay on their phones as well.
I’m using monzo now to pay my everyday expenses with, and while flashing the monzo card with its amazing colour is fun, it would be just so much easier to pay with my watch instead.

(Peter Kinder) #79

Keeping this alive…it’s an important feature for me personally and one of the last few things that is stopping me from swapping to Monzo permanently. Of course I would rather Samsung stopped wasting their time with Tizen or that they allowed Google Pay on their Tizen watches, or that someone would release an android wear based watch with NFC that wasn’t over 12mm thick…but in lieu of all that, please can you add support to Monzo for Samsung pay? :slight_smile:

(Simon B) #80

I’m afraid we don’t have any plans to support Samsung Pay in the near future :pensive: