Support for Samsung Pay

(Simon B) #231

Honestly, it is totally fine with us if another bank suits an individuals needs more than we do right now. In some cases that’s to be expected. We focus on the things that we feel will have the most impact for our users and other companies do the same, and that’s going to be different for different companies.

For lots of folks, things like Round Ups, IFTTT, an emergency web interface, 3D Secure, and seeing Direct Debits and incoming payments before they go out / come in are going to be the “hooks” that pull people in, then with a bit of use they’ll see how amazing things like Summary are.

For other folks, their requirements might be something like Samsung Pay, or business accounts, or perhaps they want to hold different currencies all the time or do crypto stuff.

And so, at this point in time we don’t fit their use case and there will be others that do. And that’s totally fine. We’ll continue to ship amazing new features and perhaps when viewed as a whole, the benefits for people who have been on the fence will outweigh anything they might want that we haven’t built yet or aren’t planning to build.

Attempting to please all people all the time is a path to failure. You have to have a vision, and some people will wholeheartedly agree with it and other people won’t, and for some of those people the vision of another company might be what hits home for them! :blush:


:heart: x 100

This type of mature, informed response is one of the reasons I bank with Monzo. Cannot reiterate how much I agree.

My view is pretty much the same: while Monzo’s vision and ethos align with mine (and at a reasonable cost - it is business after all) we’ll be banking besties. If they diverge, we’ll take different paths. Which is okay, too.

(Daniel O Williams) #233

Most of the traditional banks support Samsung pay so I think this is also something that they need to provide in order to switch fully.

(Jolin) #234

Umm, it’s not supported by RBS, Bank of Scotland, Clydesdale, TSB, Lloyds, Barclays, or NatWest. So I would say that most of the traditional banks don’t support it.

(Sunjay Bhogal ) #235

Just showing off my new Samsung watch.

(Daniel O Williams) #236

I have just registered both nationwide and HSBC and they work fine.

(Daniel O Williams) #237

Is there an official place to vote or add support for new features?

(Daniel O Williams) #238

I may be making assumptions here (im also a software developer) but would the integration process not be fairly similar to Andorid Pay or Apple Pay?

i.e. its not going to need any development for the app or anything to do with Tizen at all as its all going to be backend changes between the samsung pay apis and yourself?

(Tim Banting) #239

Best smart watch I have bought- delighted with mine.

(Andy) #240

Just this thread as it’s not on the roadmap to vote for


I got my new Samsung Watch on launch day and absolutely love it. It’s replaced my old launch day S2 from around 3 years ago so the difference is massive.

I’ve read the last 100 or so posts regarding Samsung Pay and also read the replies from the peeps over at Monzo. I understand their thought but I’m still a little sad inside it’s not coming anytime soon. Samsung really do own the wearables category on Android devices (numbers wise) and even though that’s not a massive amount compared to Apple Watch units, it’s still the manufacturer with the biggest penetration (ooh-err!) on Androud. Google pretty much left Wear OS for dead up until recently so let’s see if the new Snapdragon Wear processor (and rumoured Pixel Watch) help bolster sales for Google and their partners. I think they could have done a lot to help Wear over the last few years but I felt they’ve lacked the shot-in-the-arm that the platform needed.

Tizen is pretty basic but Samsung have also learned by the mistake that Apple alao made and realised people don’t want to run apps on their smart watch. They refocussed on fitness as many of us want fitness trackers, payment systems and watch faces. With the exception of Spotify and Uber I don’t care if I never run another app on my smart watch… but will I give it up? Never! I use my phone for all the other stuff as you just can’t replicate that info on a small screen.

I get you want to focus on other cool things over at Monzo. I just hope you come back to it when you’ve added a lot of what you want. I suppose you can’t just keep adding everything to the app or it will be cluttered and confusing so there will come a time when the app matures enough for you to start look at implimentsing other things like Samung Pay. I bet even Samsung would help you/give you an incentive to do it.

As said, I understand and respect your stance on it. I begrudge handing more info over to Google. I suppose they know everything anyway but I have turned off so many settings my phone is pretty much dumb (like a mid-00s Nokia!) and use duck duck go with the Samsung browser. Still… even then they still know almost everything!

(Sarvesh) #242

Guys, this is just ridiculous that Monzo has no support for new new Galaxy watch running Tizen. I sadly have to use my Amex card to use with my watch. I don’t want to go back to the old days of using traditional Amex so I request Monzo to support Samsung pay.

(Sarvesh) #243

We demand Monzo for Samsung Pay. hehe


Just got my lovely new Samsung Watch and disappointed to find Starling works with Samsung Pay, but not Monzo, so I’ve just had to deactivate the feature for now. Is it still something you’re not considering investing in?


I’d raise this with Samsung to be honest. There has to be a place where banks draw the line, and Samsung’s ‘not invented here’ syndrome doesn’t help anyone. I accept that there are many mobile platforms, but Samsung isn’t what it is without Android. The play in the wearables market just doesn’t work for someone like Samsung, and it’s hurting customers.

iOS and Android are the ‘thing’ right now; if Samsung wan’t to be difficult, don’t blame the bank. Now Garmin and Fitbit Pay I understand as they’re entirely different platforms.

(Harry Campbell) #246

Yes please Samsung Pay, my nice shiny new Galaxy watch and I can’t use contactless. Halifax have not supported it yet.

You can do it Monzo.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #247

Except they’ve already said they won’t it’s not a priority.

(Robert Simpson) #248

I understand, however Starling Bank supports Samsung Pay. Whilst this is in no way me trying to be negative towards Monzo as a service provider, the fact that one of your key competitors in challenger bank field has this option and you don’t shows that they are willing to augment their service with a many options as possible. So when it comes to attracting new customers they have an option that you don’t have. It may seem small, however having the option available can be a significant attractor for new customers and shows a bank open to making its product obtainable for all.

(Kevyn) #249

Monzo doesn’t view Starling as direct competitors. They view legacy banks as the competitors with enough customers to switch from them to Monzo and Starling.

(Robert Simpson) #250

Well that’s interesting. I agree that they make a good ally against established banks at the moment, but surely Monzo knows that this won’t last forever. I just assumed that diversifying the platforms that your service is available on would be a good way of getting the edge on Starling when the day comes that both banks declare this truce over.