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In time for Christmas?

(Thomas Allan) #212

There would be no innovation if companies just used infrastructure that already exists.
Monzo wouldn’t be the way it is today if they just use systems and infrastructures that were already in place by other legacy banks and didn’t create new processes.


Sure, I agree that Samsung are innovating which is good. However, they have for the for seeable future locked their users out of Google Pay and forced them into a less supported system. Over time the support will increase but I don’t understand why they’ve not worked with Google to support both Google and Samsung pay on Tizen as Samsung pay will only ever have a small market share

(Thomas Allan) #214

If Google pay was supported on Tizen, there would be no need to ever support Samsung pay, and no companies would ever do so. What is to say Google would allow Google pay to be run/supported on Tizen anyway?
In this situation, I feel its completey Monzos responsibility to support Samsung pay if they feel the cost outweighs the benefit of development. Who knows, it may even attract a few more users…

(Simon B) #215

If there was demand for it, and Samsung were happy to do it, then Google wouldn’t have a problem.

Google is all about getting it’s services in as many places as possible. Hence why all Google apps are available on iOS and not just Android.

In fact, you can even use Google Pay on iOS. You can’t use it to pay for things, but this is because Apple lock down usage of the NFC chip, but if that weren’t the case, Google would be more than happy to let a fully fledged Google Pay run on iOS, too.

(Richard) #216

Why do you feel it’ll only have a small market share? Samsung is one of the largest manufacturer of mobile phones. At the moment we have a choice on their phones but I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually Samsung Pay was the default choice. They’re big enough to get away with it and in the end competition is a good thing. Samsung Pay offers more features than Google Pay - if there was real completion then we could see Google Pay also develop at a much faster pace.


Google Pixel blows Samsung out of the water. I don’t see why you’d even care about the while the Pixel exists.

(Andrew Schofield) #218

Because not everyone buys a flagship phone?

(Patrick) #219

As someone said above somewhere. Monzo may may only ever have a small market share - so why bother?
There are loads of banks around that do everything that Monzo currently does and more. It’s the same argument.

Not that it’s true about Samsung phones, as their phone sales figures are pretty similar to Apple’s.

I think the biggest reason people don’t use Samsung Pay is because balls don’t support it. The banks felt they had to support Google and Apple Pay, but most of them don’t feel like they have to support any others.

(Valeri) #220

And also there seems to be strong demand for it… Has there been even a quick investigation on Monzo’s side to approximate the project size and complexity of integrating with SammyPay?

(Tim Banting) #221

-Interesting stats.


Let’s collect some data!

  • I’m a Monzo user and have an Apple device
  • I’m not a Monzo user and have an Apple device
  • I’m a Monzo user and have an Android phone that isn’t Samsung
  • I’m a not Monzo user and have an Android phone that isn’t Samsung
  • I’m a Monzo user and have a Samsung phone - I want Samsung Pay
  • I’m a Monzo user and have a Samsung phone - I don’t want Samsung Pay
  • I’m a not Monzo user and have a Samsung phone - but would switch to Monzo if they had it
  • I’m not a Monzo user and have a Samsung phone - but Samsung Pay wouldn’t make me switch

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(Hugh Wells) #223

So many options :sweat:


I know. Trying to do too much in one poll :frowning:

(Daniel O Williams) #225

Just ordered the galaxy watch. Would love to be able to pay from the watch as I have been using monzo on Google pay a lot.


I’m in the same boat - Samsung Pay on my Watch w/ my Monzo card would be quite nice to have, but definitely hasn’t stopped me using Monzo as my main account - I’ll just use Google Pay on my phone!

(Peter Kinder) #227

Well the time is here…it’s pretty clear that support for Samsung pay is way way down on the priority list and I do understand why.

That said however it is another nail in the coffin stopping me going #fullmonzo - and today I have opened a starling account to give them a try.

As much as a I love my Monzo account it doesn’t make sense for me to switch from a high street bank to Monzo when I will be losing features. I will keep my account open as the general roadmap for Monzo does look great and in a few years Monzo might be competitive…but at the moment it’s just lagging too far behind :frowning:


If you think Starling is the solution to Monzo ‘lagging behind’ I can only wish you the best of luck. If they had their own payment system and GPS hadn’t done all the hard work I can virtually guarantee they wouldn’t have half the payment options they do now; their progress in other areas is highly indicative of the pace they’re working at.

(Peter Kinder) #229

That may be true, but for the end user it doesn’t matter. Two killer features they have? they pay interest (without a £1000 minimum) and have samsung pay support. Doesn’t matter who did the work for them, they have the features I want now, Monzo could be years away.

As much as I have loved using Monzo, it’s slipped behind on the important things for my personally (whilst putting effort into daft things like Emojis).

Each to their own, no bad blood here just my own opinion :slight_smile:

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #230

:eyes: Agreed. Those extra pence each month have been a boon. I’ve wisely invested in Russian gold mines. Don’t tell the press!