Support for Samsung Pay

(Patrick) #191

I loved my Gear S3 hardware wise - but I much preferred Android Wear software wise.

I have a Fitbit Ionic at the moment (don’t laugh). It’s still by far the best fitness app out. That’s as far as the phone side of things goes - and the user base (so you can link up with friends and stuff, because everyone has one).

I have seen screenshots of the refreshed Google fit though and it looks very promising.

(Simon B) #192

The refreshed Google Fit is fantastic - I’ve set it as my watchface :slightly_smiling_face:

(Richard) #193

We could say the same about Apple. Just because Apple is more established doesn’t change this fact.

My personal view is that privacy is too much of an issue with Google and we need competition to remove that stronghold. To elaborate not that long ago Google asked me if I was a web developer or a web designer. Obviously it had worked out what I was by the searches I performed. When you take into account I also search for medical issues etc it’s quite concerning that the profile Google could hold for me could be quite extensive. Spend some time thinking about the things you search for and do with your phone and when you think about Google could easily know more about you than your family.


If you’re worried about privacy, I’m not sure Samsung is any more trustworthy than Google.

(Patrick) #195

You can actually log in and view all the information they hold about you and what categories of ad they’re targeting at you.

Yes, they are trying to get all the information they can on you, but they are reasonably open about it.

(Patrick) #196

Which watch is that?


You can actually log in and view all the information they hold about you and what categories of ad they’re targeting at you.

Would you really trust that information? I sure don’t. And I don’t even imply any malice - whoever designed the data export feature may not have thought of a certain bit of info they deem irrelevant, and yet coupled to everything else that value provides even more sensitive information.

they are reasonably open about it

You sure?

(Simon B) #198

LG Watch Style. Had it for about a year now, got it at a great price to replace my aging LG G-Watch which lasted a few years. Only big drawback is no NFC, but should there be a Pixel Watch I’d definitely pick that up.


Sorry I don’t understand your point? Apple watches use WatchOS which is completely compatible with Apple Pay (dominant iOS payment method). Samsung watches run Tizen and only support Samsung pay which is not the dominant Android payment method?

(Patrick) #200

No company is any better so it’s kind of a moot point.

Either you use these services and accept it, or don’t.


I was simply refuting your “defense” of Google and how privacy violations are OK if you are open about it (which they aren’t, as seen with the location history thing).

(Richard) #202

Samsung pay is the default payment system for Tizen
Google pay is the default payment system for Android
Apple pay is the default payment system for iOS

So what have Samsung done wrong? They’re all different operating systems that have their own default payment methods. Do you begrudge Tizen for having its own payment method but not Android or iOS?

(Richard) #203

I feel at least more confident in Samsung but at the moment Apple is appealing to me - it at least feels privacy as an important part of their offering. No company is going to be perfect though.


Please can you add support for Samsung Pay.
Please Add more functionality in direct debit and standing orders management.
Please Add more tool for debit card security management like location based use, blocking of contacless use, switch on or off ATM use abroad, switch off/On ecommerce use.

(Emma (still not the app)) #205

Location based security is on iOS

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #206

True. There’s no real need for it as we can freeze and defrost the card in app really easily


I’m not saying Samsung has done anything wrong but they are intentionally making their smart watches more difficult to support by not using Google pay. They can make their own system but its more than likely never going to get a high adoption rate like Google Pay has. If they had made their watches run on Wear OS none of this would be an issue


What if you want a recurring payment to go out but are worried someone will take your card and spend using contactless?

Also, I know people who really don’t like having contactless on their cards because they think they spend too freely with it.

There’s also the fact that having additional card controls might make potential users feel their money is safer and therefore might make them for likely to switch.

(Stephen Spencer) #209

Here’s a potential solution to everyone wanting to buy a Samsung watch yet still use Monzo:

(Simon B) #210

That Skagen watch looks amazing, but…

The Falster 2 is running on the aging Snapdragon Wear 2100 chip and will arrive two days after Qualcomm unveils the 2100’s successor. While the watch ticks many of the right checkboxes, it could feel slightly obsolete before you’ve opened the box.

I wouldn’t recommend buying another with the Wear 2100 at this point - the successor will be hugely more efficient and make a big difference on where it matters most - battery life.

I suspect that most Wear OS manufacturers are waiting for Qualcomm’s announcement and then we’ll see a flood of new watches (including, hopefully, a Pixel Watch)