Support for Samsung Pay

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Why don’t you change to google pay ?

I don’t think Google Pay is on Samsung smart watches - which is a Samsung decision to drive more people to use their service, and encourages their users to pressure their bank into supporting it.

I don’t think Samsung watches run Android, so you could say it’s a Google decision not to write a Google Pay app for the Samsung watches.

You are correct. It doesn’t run Wear OS (Android based), it runs Tizen OS (Linux based).


Yea what @CJ0206 said. Though he can still use google pay on his phone :joy:

I have been waiting two years for Monzo to support Samsung pay. I have a watch Active 2 now but I still keep my Nationwide account and shuffle money around so I can use my watch to pay. I may look at this Curve idea

I notice Samsung UK are to launch a Curve card…

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I’m gonna guess that Monzo know which phone OS their app runs on, and have stats that show the breakdown of how many users run which phone OS, that can then (presumably) be correlated to a percentage of users who use, or have the ability to use, the Payment OS of choice for that phone OS.

In other words, how many active Monzo customers (let’s not get started on this one) are likely to use Samsung Pay?

I’m presuming (not ASSuming!) that Monzo are basing part of their decision on this data and, as they don’t support it, can we then also presume that it isn’t popular enough?

Yes, it’s annoying for everyone in this thread and the 141 people (out of how many million?) that voted for it but it’s not gonna happen any time soon unless Samsung Pay suddenly becomes much more popular?

Or, maybe they just don’t like Samsung. Who knows! :wink:

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Please add my vote for Samsung Pay. It’s better than GPay IMO. Moreover there’s more Samsung devices than Apple so it should be supported.

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This loop has been round and round in this thread so many times. At the end of the day there is no “should” here and Apple doesn’t come into the decision.

I won’t rehash all of the counter arguments we’ve seen but this still feels like an unnecessary spend on Monzo’s part at the moment when they’re hunting profit at all times.

I have just upgraded to the new Samsung s20 (previous iPhone user) and was deeply annoyed that monzo doesn’t support samsung pay. Google pay doesn’t work in most places. I’ve had to open a starling account and transfer money over to it because they have samsung pay. If this isn’t something that is going to be implemented at all then I may have to fully switch over to Starling which is a shame because I have been a monzo user for quite some time.

You could do that if you prefer Starling.

Or you could get a Curve Card (there are lots of referral links I’m the dedicated thread or I could DM you one) that effectively let’s you use Samsung Pay with Monzo.

Looking at the Samsung website, you could also choose HSBC, Nationwide or Santander instead of Starling if they suit you better. Or TransferWise or Annex if you’re after something other than a current account.

Either way, it’s unlikely there’ll be direct Samsung Pay support on Monzo soon, although I could be wrong.

(Also: Google Pay not working in most places sounds very strange - problem with the S20?)


Google Pay not being supported does indeed sound strange. I would have thought it would be on similar parity to Apple Pay, just maybe with spending limits?

Samsung Pay, if any are the ones I’d expect to be less well supported, though I was under the impression all would work anywhere there is a contactless terminal.

To add to @Peter_G’s suggestion, Samsung just launched their Samsung Pay Card in the U.K. which you may prefer to use over regular Curve. Choose wisely as you cannot currently have a Samsung Pay Card if you’re an existing Curve customer!

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I don’t think there are any spending limits on Google (or Samsung) Pay? Google and Apple Pay have always seemed functionally equivalent to me.

Some other reports of Google Pay not working smoothly on the S20:

I suppose Samsung doesn’t really have much incentive to make sure it works flawlessly, but I was just beginning to consider a S21 (Note maybe) - but this sort of shenanigans puts me off.


Personally I’d concentrate on getting Google Pay working on your phone, I think it is much better and more likely to happen :slight_smile:

I was curious at what banks supported Samsung Pay and found the below table. There are some big banks that don’t support this but I was equally surprised at how many don’t support Google/Apple Pay too.

Apple Pay Google Pay Samsung Pay
AIB GB Yes Yes No
American Express Yes Yes Yes
Bank of Scotland Yes Yes No
Barclaycard Yes No No
Barclays Yes No No
boon. by Wirecard Yes No No
Cash Passport (Raphaels Bank) Yes No No
Clydesdale Bank (including B Bank) Yes Yes No
Cornèrcard UK Yes No Yes
Cumberland Building Society Yes Yes No
Danske Bank Yes No Yes
Engage (credit union) No No Yes
First Direct Yes Yes Yes
First Trust Bank Yes Yes No
Halifax Yes Yes No
HSBC Yes Yes Yes
Isle of Man Bank No Yes No
John Lewis Finance Yes Yes Yes
Lloyds Yes Yes No
N26 Yes No No
M&S Bank Yes Yes Yes
MBNA Yes Yes No
Metro Bank Yes No No
Monzo Yes Yes No
Nationwide Building Society Yes Yes Yes
NatWest Yes Yes No
Revolut No Yes No
Royal Bank of Scotland Yes Yes No
Prepaid Financial Services No No Yes
Santander Yes Yes Yes
Sodexo Yes No No
Starling Bank Yes Yes Yes
Tesco Bank Yes No No
The Co-operative Bank (including Smile) Yes Yes Yes
Thomas Cook Cash Passport (Raphaels Bank) Yes No No
TSB Yes Yes No
Ulster Bank Yes Yes No
Yorkshire Bank (including B Bank) Yes Yes No

Correct at May 2019


I thought that Apple/Google/Samsung Pay all used the same technology, so that if the terminal accepts contactless, then it doesn’t matter which version you’re using, they’ll accept it?