Support For financial abuse


Great write up on how you lead in supporting survivors of financial abuse or coercive economics (keeping it short)

If I recall correctly, when setting up a joint account, both parties had to separately approve.

Maybe a similar check can be made and requires both parties agreement for large withdrawals or those that go above the amount added to the account needs the other person to approve.

You could at a setup step around funding splits between the joint holders… That would be like a baseline and support reviewing changes over time… Appreciate this would depend on the type of account and Intended use…

I don’t suggest this solves anything, but merely adds another layer od possible protection.

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I don’t think it would solve anything either, possibly just make things worse for those in a similar situation as well as those that don’t need these limits applying.

I think the Share With Us feature is perfect for this as each persons circumstances will be different so they can offer a more tailored solution with much better support.

I hear that… Hence not calling it the solution and just a layer on top.

I go for additional as this is something that can be done in the background. I’m sure under normal circumstances having this wouldn’t be a big hindrance or inconvenience.

The idea was to stem the issue, if the person can use that feature or struggles or takes long.

To avoid impact on others do an opt out that certifies the opt out everyone X period (months, quarter etc…)

I’m just playing devils advocate here but I believe that adding friction is only going to add fuel to the fire in an abusive relationship.

If the abuser has to interact with the victim even more to get what they want (i.e. approve the transaction) then that’s not a good thing. Then from the other side, if the victim applied this setting I can’t see that going down well either.

I could be wrong, but that’s my thoughts on it all. I’ve said my bit now so I’ll leave it for everyone else to give their comments and add their votes if they wish :slight_smile:


Sorry, but this is a terrible idea.

Okay, so I’ve spent my limit and now I’m going to harass my girlfriend to accept raising the limit and cause another flashpoint?

Or what about where there’s no problem in the relationship and I’ve got £100 worth of shopping at the checkout but can’t pay because I need approval?


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