Supermarket AR

Just spotted this and it looks amazing!

Not sure if Monzo could integrate with or do something similar. Just to show in real-time with each item you pick up, how much your balance will go down to at time of payment.


Also another thought about this… it could initiate a payment directly from the AR device forwarding an itemised receipt to Monzo.

I :heart: the future.


Can’t see it being that easy to work with. Supermarkets always seem to move stuff around, and who’s going to keep it all updated?

A tad skeptical.

I imagine it’ll use the same technology as the handheld devices use in some supermarkets. The store is mapped, with each aisle having RFID tags evenly spaced along.

I’m not sure how it knows where each individual item is placed though. It’s probably too expensive and unrealistic to expect every shelf space to also be tagged.

I’m sure that Tesco had an app some years ago where you could type in your shopping list and the store you were visiting, and it would tell you what order to do your shopping, and which aisle and shelf your items were on.

The pickers who select the home shopping items must have access to something similar.

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When this is inside my futuristic augmented eyes or directly inside my head I’m sure this would be awesome. However, wandering around a shop and proxying all my vision and shopping choices through my phone doesn’t appeal to me very much :confused:

Smart glasses :wink:


Yes. I can’t wait for all the adverts I’d be forced to watch incessantly. Like YouTube but without a skip button.

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