Summary total of committed spend for scheduled and estimate of direct debit

I think it would be nice to have a summary of committed spend and an estimate of direct debit as a total for each month.

I have highlighted a area where it could go to total up commited spend and DD.


You can sort of replicate this if you move those payments to be paid from a pot, it will give you the total when in pot view.

But voted for this too.

Simple and sensible - voted!

On a general but related point, is there any current evidence that features that are voted for are being realised in the app?

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I don’t think so.

The top 6 currently of votes ever;

Dark mode - Coming soon
Pot to Pot - Been mentioned as being worked on
Desktop app - Mooted as potential, available to business accounts
Cheque imaging - Never going to happen
Sort pots order - Done
Custom Category - Done

I think it’s a bit chicken and egg. These things get a lot of talk because they are low hanging fruit, in which case they were probably on Monzos radar anyway, regardless of voting.

Also voted :+1:, and while a ‘Left to pay’ total is available via the Bills pot feature, it doesn’t include CPA’s, so an accurate total of outgoings would be nice. I’m sure I’ve seen this before though…

The top 6 outstanding voted-for features are:

  • Dark mode - about to be released :soon:
  • Pot-to-Pot transfers - traces of development found in the app code
  • Desktop version of Monzo app - no real evidence this is happening for personal accounts, but Business accounts already have it.
  • Cheque imaging - abandoned, but early work was done on this
  • Improved Payee Management - already tweaked Payee Hub and more being worked on
  • iPad app - no info

So at least 4 of the outstanding 6 are in development. While the ‘voted-for’ feature list is no solid roadmap for app development, it seems that a pattern of app feature development does go in parallel with the most voted-for features.

Maybe we still have influence on here after all :man_shrugging:

[cough] Joint account parity [/cough]