Summary Section

Hi guys,

I will find it really useful to have the possibility to setup your own Spending groups.
For example we have some default one right now, with Expenses, Bills, Finances etc.

What i would like is to have the possibility to setup your own, and your own budget for them.
This will be very useful for example if you use excel to setup your own finances every month.

You have Rent, Bills, Food, Personal Care, Debts (hopefully not), Investment etc.
By being allowed to name your own spending sections, would cut the need for using excel on your laptop/pc and literally move all your finances directly with Monzo, not needing to followup everything in Excel.

Also i can’t stress enough we need to have a way to save our Payee bank details. Specially for Oversees, as Transferwise integration is amazing , but adding iBans and Bic and so on every time you want to send money abroad can be a pain in the bum.

Definitely this.