Summary period from last < weekday > of month (eg: last Friday of the month)

Just adding my voice to the crowd of people. I get paid on the last Friday of the month and I don’t want a workaround, I want to be able to use the app like your other customers, please, Monzo.

I was so excited about the budgeting feature, which is one of the things that attracted me to switch, but it’s resulted in a whole world of frustration as I try to manipulate the feature into fitting my pay timescale.

It seems blindingly obvious, given that this is the standard payment date of everyone in the UK


Is it? I’ve never had that payment pattern

Maybe I’ve put too much value on a small sample size. Most people I know that are salaried, i.e. not hourly, get paid on the last Friday

Are you paid on the last Friday of the month?

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I’ve been salaried most of my career, and have never been paid on the last Friday! I’ve had the last working day, the 23rd, and the 28th

The lack of this makes a lot of Monzo’s features pointless to me. Please add this.

Just want to bump this as I still hate that it hasn’t been addressed. It makes the summary feature completely useless for me, which is a shame because it’s a staple for good budgeting.
Having the option to choose ‘Last Friday of the Month’ would be great, but I’d genuinley prefer if I could just manually input when i get paid from month to month, then you avoid the absolute mess of December and getting paid earlier. Please guys, Emma Money Management had this since day one.

If you’re not bothered about doing it manually, just reset it each money by selecting your recent payment.

I just start mine on the first of each month, it all balances out :slight_smile:

This wouldn’t work for ‘Last friday of the month’ because sometimes its 5 weeks between payments and that currently can’t be configured in the feature.

If we could manually enter the date-range between payments to set a ‘custom period’, it would work spot on - but for me this feature is completely useless (as is for many others).

Have just moved jobs, which is mostly a happy affair.

Sadly however, I now get paid on the last Friday of the month :mask:

Feeling like our best bet rn might be to make a list and start asking every single Monzo employee to make this their next ‘Monzo time’ project…

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Please Please Monzo can we have a setting for ‘Last Friday of the month’ with pay days?


How is this still not implemented? It’s been years since requested, and no word on it.

Because it’s not really a popular request and there’s an easy way to get around it.

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What’s the workaround?

Just scroll up a little and read the topic :see_no_evil: You essentially need to create a salary holding pot.