Summary - Feedback thread

As soon as the expected date passes and the bill isn’t taken is how it’s just worked for an old DD that I had this month.

Are you on iOS or Android @swok1080 ?

I’m on iOS and have a direct debit that won’t be coming out this month - would have been on 1st April, and summary is still predicting it.

As each day passes, the predicted date for the payment in Summary gets pushed back one more working day, so not sure if it will give up at some point.

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Yeah its the same for me actually.

With gyms pausing payments im sure this is something that will affect alot of people over next few months

On :android: @monzo2018

Reviving this topic to see whether there are plans to be able to set the summary start date based on either:

  • an actual income received event
  • or something based on the day of the week

Loads of ppl, including me, are paid on the last Friday of the month, which is changing every month.
Without this the summaries are messed up every time and therefore almost useless.

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It must be possible to tie it to an income event… obviously the ‘xxx days’ would be a bit inaccurate but no more than it is now, just stopping it suddenly going to £0 available due to a few days variance in payment days would be helpful.

I find it a minor issue albeit an annoying one.

I’m slightly confused with this one.

We have a Joint Account. I originally set-up the Summary period to start with the income that occurred ‘first’ - meaning the one that occurred closest to the the second (smallest time-gap between the 2). At first , the left-to-spend reported mayhem once the first income landed - “you’ll run out of money”, but then obviously balanced out for the rest of the Summary period once the second income landed.

But… what I’ve noticed as a side-effect since is that Summary now follows the first income. So if we claim the first one early - in some cases up to 5 days early (Xmas, following a weekend, for example), the Summary also starts early. So it seems to be tied to an income event, which goes against other posts here?

What I’ve done is create a “Reserve” pot that multiple incomes go into. Then I choose my own pay day (1st of the month), where I schedule a single amount to be withdrawn from the pot. My Summary period starts on my self made pay day.

You do need to be fortunate enough to have enough disposable cash to set this up initially though which I know not everyone will be able to do.

I also don’t empty my Reserve pot when I pay myself but rather I leave a little in there if needed unexpectedly. If I don’t need it just stays there and after a few months it builds into a nice little float that I can either move to a specific savings pot or spend on a treat for myself.

What I really want is editable scheduled Pot to Pot Transfers and have my Reserve pot be the centre of everything. All income goes to it and then it feeds my Bills Pots, Savings Pots and Card Balance at the start of the month.


That’s a clever way of doing it, I hadn’t thought of that!


What a brilliant idea! I’m going to try this. Should solve my woes!

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Not sure best place to post, but my summary circle no longer tells me how much I’m within budget. I.e when it’s green, it used to also give an amount telling you how much up you were. That’s gone and I miss it. Is it a bug or has it been dropped?

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Nevermind - it’s just come back.

Not sure who could deal with this but one thing I’ve found super annoying is that when you transfer money from your Monzo personal to Monzo Business account, it doesn’t mark the transfer as to be “excluded” from summary automatically.

It’s a transfer at the end of the day, would love to be able to tell it to mark all such transactions as transfers and to exclude it from summary

Why would it do that by default? Most people don’t transfer personal money to a business account, a business is supposed to support itself.

Well it will, once we start trading, but every business has initial setup costs. I don’t expect it to be a long term thing, it was more that the internal transfer isn’t spending, so I wouldn’t expect it to show as such in summary by default :slight_smile:

(Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, this just seemed like the best place!)

Has anyone else’s Summary seemingly forgotten that the 31st of May exists? All my pots are saying “left to pay before 30th May” but my reset date is the 1st of the month not the last of the month.

So I have a direct debit going out on the 31st that my pot isn’t accounting for.

Maybe this all makes sense and I am just too tired to understand it :laughing: