Summary - Feedback thread

(Jai Sullivan) #829

Ah yes, maybe you’re both right! :crossed_fingers:t3:


I wonder if that ‘month’ on the top right in the second screen can (or eventually will) be changeable to ‘week’. That was a fairly common request if I remember correctly.

(Adam Kendrew) #831

Anybody else’s summary randomly reset to today (31st)? Instead of being the 1st?

(Hugo Vieira) #832


(Adam Kendrew) #833

:thinking: @Jami is this a known bug?


Mine didn’t revert, but I reset the start date for today - instead of ending on the 30th of next month it’s chosen the 29th.:thinking:

(Toby Toller) #835

Which one do you use?

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #836

Presumably because November doesn’t have a 31st, so it has configured itself to reset on the last day of the month, like today?

(David I) #837

Still not seeing anything for people who get paid every 4 weeks and want to budged based on that cycle…

(Jami Welch) #838

This is in progress, we’re just adding new options in smaller chunks. Every 4 weeks will be coming :soon:

(Adam Robertson) #839

Any timeframe on ‘last working day’ option coming?



(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #841

You know what would be really good like so amazingly useful, being able to tag a salary and then being able to have summary automatically set itself I mean you know make things easier and automated and all that.

(Sam H) #842

For this to work you’d need a few months worth of data though, so might not be the best for new users. I get paid monthly on the 28th, but my first month’s salary with Monzo (hypothetically) might come through on the 26th - how would it know whether the 26th or the 28th was the correct date? It wouldn’t until the next month at least, so I think it’s easier to have a simple setup menu.

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #843

Yeah but if you tag it by company then the date would not be needed

(Sam H) #844

It’d need to know the end date though right?

(Chinedu Umeh) #845

I think the idea is that it would automatically adjust when it recognises an incoming payment from your employer. If you changed employer then just delete the preexisting tag and tag your new employer

(Sam H) #846

You’d still need to provide the end date though. For example - first salary payment on the 26th September, second salary payment on the 28th October. Summary would run from 26th September -> 25th October unless I told it otherwise (or waited for my next salary payment).

It’d be handy for it to be picked up automatically (or flagged to a user that their current summary setup might not be correct) but would still need user intervention initially.

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #847

I always get paid 21st unless it’s a weekend then I get paid the working day before.

It could quite easily work it out if the app asked questions about your pay date or it worked it out from previous pay days.

(Tom) #848

I think in that case, you’d set it to 21st, and use the “working day before” option.