Summary - Feedback thread

(Sean) #805 works if you can get them to use that

(Brandon Billingham) #806

I’m still finding summary useless months on. I’m constantly running out of money despite always having money left over. It doesn’t help me understand my spending at all.

Feels like Monzo is forgetting some of the basics at the moment. It can’t even categorise Asda petrol from Asda despite the merchant names showing up differently.

(Tim Banting) #807

Personally, I find Emma (which has Monzo) integration a better alternative to the native functionality in Monzo. I expect Emma will be acquired further down the line- can only hope its Monzo.

(Brandon Billingham) #808

I used Emma in the past but I like the idea of it all being in one place.

I do trust Monzo to get this right eventually. Perhaps an update on what’s happening with Summary would be good @Jami @cookywook I know a little while ago editable end dates were mentioned.

I think a big gain, and perhaps it already does this is to learn from spending habits from previous months.

The start of the month has big expenditures. Bills, savings, purchases I’ve been waiting till payday for. Then it massively fails off. So for the 23 odd days it’s tellinb me I’ll run out of money, actually I’m on track.

(Jai Sullivan) #809

Forgive me if I’ve missed it, but do we know when we’re going to see this functionality (maybe in labs)? :smiley:


We’re working on it at the moment! :grinning:


Great news! Can you share how far though you are? Are these just designs, or do you have working prototypes?

(Jai Sullivan) #812

Woohoo! Thanks for the update @jexyla :smiley:


I really like summary particularly the “left to spend” feature with the amount and dates. I even like the different colours i.e green, amber and red.

But what I don’t like is the box underneath telling me I could run out of money. Based on my amount left to spend I should have plenty left over. For me the information I want to see is how much I have left to spend.

Id be happy to see the writing underneath taken off.

(Mark Dunne) #814

Is there any estimate as to when this will be available as an update or in Labs?


We don’t have a working prototype yet as we’re still refining the entry points to make it both easier to access and to set it up. We’ll keep you posted!