Summary - Feedback thread

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Once the pay comes in you can select that transaction as the start of the period. By default the end of the period will be the day before that date in the next month so in some scenarios (like this month for me) you will temporarily go into a new period before you actually get paid and set the next period start date.


Ah ok cool, thanks :blush:

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No - it wouldn’t be Committed Spending, but it is bound to go through(?), so should be possible to count?

(MikeF) #792

Yeah, I don’t see why not. It’s as committed as it can be and the extra information could only be useful. I’d stick it (and all the current Committed Spend stuff) on the ever-popular pulse graph too.

(Excited about Christmas) #793

Oh absolutely


So I get paid the last Friday of every month and find it so frustrating that the app calculates that I will be paid on that exact same date the following month, which messes up my spending forecast. There needs to be a feature to allow you to input your next pay date on the calendar so the app can forecast accurately.

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(Craig Murdo) #796

This! A monthly annoyance.

I’m paid the last working day, so it changes each month!

(Dan) #797

Yeah mines the same this month it’s today (yay) 29th a Friday, whereas next month it’s on the 31st a Tuesday would be great if it would automatically detect this


Fixing this doesn’t seem to be on the roadmap. It’s really stopping me from going full Monzo because it throws off the summary and makes the feature a bit useless. I’m the last working day of the month. I see others are 4 weekly. There has to be more options!

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Have you seen this?


Thank you! Any idea of a timescale yet? WIP is a little vague without it being on the roadmap.

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No idea at all I’m afraid but if it’s got that far it’s not going to be something they put to the side an forget about

Will a :soon: reassure you? :grin:


Yup that’ll appease me for another couple of weeks at least!

(Excited about Christmas) #803

I would need a “last but one” option!

(Adam Robertson) #804

Any update on fixing the circle when people pay you back via bank transfer?

If not, is there a solution to this that doesn’t require my friends/family to be on Monzo?

(Sean) #805 works if you can get them to use that

(Brandon Billingham) #806

I’m still finding summary useless months on. I’m constantly running out of money despite always having money left over. It doesn’t help me understand my spending at all.

Feels like Monzo is forgetting some of the basics at the moment. It can’t even categorise Asda petrol from Asda despite the merchant names showing up differently.

(Tim Banting) #807

Personally, I find Emma (which has Monzo) integration a better alternative to the native functionality in Monzo. I expect Emma will be acquired further down the line- can only hope its Monzo.

(Brandon Billingham) #808

I used Emma in the past but I like the idea of it all being in one place.

I do trust Monzo to get this right eventually. Perhaps an update on what’s happening with Summary would be good @Jami @cookywook I know a little while ago editable end dates were mentioned.

I think a big gain, and perhaps it already does this is to learn from spending habits from previous months.

The start of the month has big expenditures. Bills, savings, purchases I’ve been waiting till payday for. Then it massively fails off. So for the 23 odd days it’s tellinb me I’ll run out of money, actually I’m on track.