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On the original post, would it be possible to add another category to Summary, please? ‘Household’ or something along those lines for stuff like wall paint, hoover bags, door handles and other DIY/home improvement stuff? I currently can’t fit it into any category and don’t want to clog up ‘General’ or ‘Expenses’ … Thanks!

EDIT: Would also be quite useful to add a ‘School’ or ‘School Fees’ category.


A “household” category would be a very welcome addition!


summary is still lacking any time frames other than a full month, loads of people get paid weekly, fortnightly and 4 weekly.
Any chance we can get conformation if changeable summary duration will be added and if so some sort of estimate?

(Joe) #752

If you scroll up a bit a preview was shared of what’s currently being worked on to solve this


thank you. Amazing, once this and interest on savings are implemented, I can finally switch over.

wonder how long until they beta test the flexi summary dates.

(Rob) #754

Not sure if this is mentioned previously, but I’d like the ability for the addition of money in to certain pots to contribute towards the summary budget counter. I sometimes make payments on my credit card rather than Monzo for various reasons, and I put that money in a pot so that it’s out of my balance. But then my budget will still say I have the same amount of money to spend. This might also work well when combined with the group pots, e.g when buying group gifts or something. You’re definitely spending money there rather than saving


I do similar some months, use a pot for a side budget for full credit card balance, then use that for day to day next month, so would be useful to add a pot to summary category :slight_smile:


Yes, I love this! Any ideas on when it will arrive in Labs?

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #757

Loads and loads of really good ideas in this thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and I can’t wait for the custom payday stuff :grin: but it’s still missing a feature I love and miss…

Originally in “Breakdown” (or whatever v1.0 … Pre-summary, was called) I thought it was wicked to see category spend and merchant spend! :tada:

There were two tabs, I could hit groceries and see that I’d spent ‘£50’ on groceries that month. But then when I swiped left onto the next tab I could see a breakdown of how much I’d spent at Morrisons that month! I miss that ability so much!! :see_no_evil:

It was very useful to see that I’d spent £100 on eating out and all of the individual transactions, sure. But having the merchant ‘filter’ was excellent! I find Summary useful but nowhere near as useful as the really really early version of the monzo app (before summary / breakdown)

Really hope somebody kept a screenshot! Might go and hunt through the forum :joy:

Edit: it was (creatively :joy::joy:) called Spending :grin:

Edit 2: Found it :blush:

Damn… What a simple layout :see_no_evil: but so effective :heart_eyes:

(Mo) #758

I really liked that too, though honestly, I hadn’t realised it had gone so I clearly wasn’t relying on it!

(Jonathon) #759

I’m curious, how much does Summary think I need each day? I have no more outgoings until I’m paid in 10 days and yet with £500+ in my account, Summary says I “might run out of money”.

Really? I’m never routinely spending £50+ per day…

Or am I just a lot poorer than I thought?


I’d love to see a breakdown of the algorithm (but I suppose if Monzo did publish it then we’d be all over it with criticism…)

I (think) I’ve noticed that exceptional transfers in/out can affect it, so I’m wondering if there’s a calculation of historic daily spend based on transaction history, which then determines a projected daily spend? Or is this an over complication?

(This would make a fascinating blog post)

(Jonathon) #761

Perhaps. Just seems odd I suppose.

I’d prefer something like “Don’t spend more than £XX per day to remain within budget” than just “Yeah you might run out of money… you might not but you know, you might. Best of luck, Monzo” :stuck_out_tongue:

(Colin Robinson) #762

I’ve still got this?

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #763

Nope :grin:

That’s not it. I’m specifically referring to the overall spend for a single merchant in a category. I can see the same breakdown as you on my phone :stuck_out_tongue: But that’s not as useful (IMO)

What I’m hoping Monzo bring back is that under “Eating Out” where I’ve spent “£100” that £45 went to McDonalds (I could scroll through my list and do that calculation manually by adding them up… But there’s loads of transactions! And it used to be automatic :smiley:)

Category is fine and should continue to be how it is - What I’m after (hopefully not just me :see_no_evil:) is a way to do a merchant breakdown as well as a category breakdown - just like the screenshot I shared :smiley:

Hope that makes sense? :wink:

(Colin Robinson) #764

Ah, see what you mean now.

You can get that but it’s a bit long winded. And ony works on iOS?

  1. Select the merchant
  2. Scroll down to get ‘Number of transactions’
  3. Add ‘this month’ to selection

Not very practical at all.


Is there any way to see how much I’m spending every day? Or, say, daily average expenses this month? Would be great to have that. Oh, and a huge +1 on individual merchant breakdown!

(Jonathon) #766

I mean… really? Am I really likely to have no money left?


Does anybody know why I can’t set my transport budget for exactly £100?

It’s either £99 or £104 :man_shrugging:

No biggy, just plays with my OCD


Have you tried tapping on the number then typing 100?