Summary - Feedback thread

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #728

@jexyla Just wanted to flag up the strangest pay–day configuration I’ve ever seen, from someone on another thread. Fix this, and :monzo: Monzo truly would be awesome.

Edit: Upon reflection, I guess this person’s budget would easily run from ‘last Friday of the month’ (and perhaps the pay day 24 hours earlier would always trigger as a recognised pay day?) but when I read that comment it did drive things home that employers are too often bound by inflexible software which was never written with human lives in mind, something Monzo is overthrowing!


Will there be anything for people who have multiple salaries?

I’ll use this on the largest one I get, but it’d be great if the summary section also took into account the others somehow.

Delighted to see this though!


If I were lucky enough to have multiple salaries I’d probably want Summary to start from the main (or biggest) one. If I had lots of income throughout the month (paid weekly or stuff) then I’d want Summary to probably work on a monthly cycle and to predict incoming payments as well as outgoing ones, I think.

(Actually, I wonder if this would make Summary work for those who are paid weekly? Predict income as well as expenditure, all over a fixed (monthly?) period?)

(Paul) #731

Looking forward to the pay date updates :soon:

Something else I noticed yesterday was a payment I’ve set as monthly reoccurring was in committed spending, set to 27th each month. This month I paid for the service but on 29th instead and Summary took that payment from Spending instead, effectively having 2 payments listed, one in Committed, one in Spending. As a work around I turned off repeating payment for the original payment and then turned on repeated payment for the new one so I didn’t mess up my budget. Next month it thinks I will pay for the service on 29 now instead. Could there be a way perhaps of marking a non SO or DD payment as a monthly cost, but leaving the dates as flexible e.g. +/- 5 days?


Doesn’t screen 102.B have an option for “Last Thursday of every month”, which would sort people paid on “the Thursday before the last Friday of every month” (unless they mean the second to last Thursday of every month).

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #733

…could be either the last Thursday of the month, or the penultimate Thursday if the last day of the month is a Thursday.


Ah. That really is confusing. I guess the ability to manually set a Summary end date would sort all these outlier cases.


That’s such a sadistic take on payroll. Why would anyone think that’s the best way to pay folk?!

(Ed Stubbs) #736

Looks great :raised_hands: good work

(Charlie) #737

Some people get paid weekly😉 I don’t see why you would not just include more? Like the “when do you get paid” option where you can be really specific why not have that for the how often part?

Some people get paid weekly and every other week? Not just four-weekly and monthly

(Tim Banting) #738

Isn’t this what AI is all about? Why couldn’t you flag your salary a few times and allow AI to work it out auto-magically?

(Marcel Ruhf) #739

Yep - but Summary doesn’t use machine learning at the moment.

(Josh Carson) #740

Woops! I meant, before if it’s a holiday.

(Stefano) #741

I’d love to have this feature too :raising_hand_man:t2:

I’ve been using Plum, which regularly saves money to an external account using Direct Debit. I’d like to automatically exclude these transaction from Summary as the money is not technically spent. (I’m aware this might not make sense to some people but it works for me.)

(Alex Jones) #742

Brilliant! So glad this is being done! I’ve needed this since day one of using monzo. The proposed interface looks great. Can’t wait to see it live. Thanks guys!

(Ryan Wibberley) #743

Can this not be done automatically for the majority of us, maybe present a “we think you get paid… the last Friday of the month”
As an initial screen, then if it’s incorrect have the additional steps to fine tune it.


Yes, definitely :slight_smile:


So do you have to move money from your pot into main account every time you want to pay for something?

(Josh Carson) #747

If it’s a purchase beyond what I would on a typical week, yeah!

I keep my direct debits all in a different account (for now), but theres 1 or 2 that come out from monzo. I just do a weekly transfer from pot to main account, but then I also might move money around during the week, depending on what is happening


Is it so that you don’t have the temptation to spend it? If so, I understand the motivation. Just a shame to miss out on Summary functionality…