Summary - Feedback thread

(MikeF) #708

I think bank holidays should be covered by the ‘working day before’ rule in my case.

(Nathan) #709

This is perfect @jexyla the exact way i think alot of people want this feature to be.

One little thing I’d like to stress is flexible “business day” logic, for example us here in northern ireland will have a few different bank holidays than people in scotland/england/wales so would be nice if you can include this :slight_smile:

(Dan) #710

perfect, just what I need :smile: when can I have it? :sweat_smile:

(joel drew) #711

I get paid every Friday :sob: I still can’t make use of summary


Yes, yes, yes. Did I say… YES!!!

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #713

:hot_coral_heart: :hot_coral_heart: :hot_coral_heart: :hot_coral_heart:

Looks amazing! Like really amazing, dare I say, perfect! :wink:

Can’t wait to see this in production :smiley:

Think some bank holiday logic would need to be added for some but besides that… I think that is the missing piece of the Summary puzzle! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: If it was done before the end of September that would be great :smirk: (I say this because my Summary ends on the 29th as opposed to PayDay (28th) :joy:)


Is it possible to (have an option to) make the salary payment trigger the beginning of a new budget period rather than setting this manually?

(Tony) #715

Perfect as I am paid in the 12th of each month, unless it falls at the weekend and I’m paid the Friday before, can’t wait to see this implemented. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Chinedu Umeh) #716

what’s the ETA on this rolling out?

(Josh Carson) #717

This looks great. We get paid last Thursday of the month, or before if it falls on a weekend.

Looking forward to trying it out!

One thing for me (until DD from Pots is a thing) is that I keep the majority of my monthly spending money in a pot rather than my main account, which makes the budgeting tool useless as it always thinks i’m running out of money.

(Phil) #718

Some nice steps forward here.

(Dan) #719

I want it… I want it NOWWWW :stuck_out_tongue:


You can “fix” that, I think, by manually setting a global budget number. It then uses that number as the starting balance and ignores actual balances/pots. I’ve not used it myself but that’s what I understand it’s for.

(Josh Carson) #721

Ahh, that’s a good idea!


Looks great!


  • Typo on screen 104: “It will automatically adjust to start on the working day before if the date doesn’t fall on a business day.”.

  • Does anyone ever get paid on a non-business day? - if so there should be that option included on screen 103.

  • More variable set periods (eg: paid every x weeks) - I know some people have mentioned they get paid weekly or bi-weekly.

  • Option to manually set the end date for people who aren’t paid regularly (eg: freelancers or students).


It’s beautiful. :star_struck:

(David watson ) #724

This will totally fix summery for me when released as I get paid on a specific day of the month unless that days a weekend and then I get paid the working day before! When this does happen summery goes 2 days out as it will not run for 33 days! Relasse soon please stick it in Labs! :+1::grin:


Glad to see this being updated, and looking really good. :grin: But as others have said, any chance of a ‘every 2 weeks’ or ‘every X days’ option?

(Danny) #726

Looks good, I get paid on the penultimate working day of the month hopefully you can cover that?

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #727

How’s that? When does a Thursday ever fall on a weekend?