Summary - Feedback thread

(Jami Welch) #504

Hey, the logic on whether or not to show that message is a little naive right now. It shouldn’t come back once you’ve dismissed it (tap the ‘X’ on iOS, swipe away on Android), but will come back if you sign out and back in again. We’re going to make dismissing it stick properly soon.

(Jami Welch) #505

We’re working on a retry flow, so if you don’t have enough money at the start of the day to pay your Direct Debit, we let you know, and you can fix it through the day. More details soon!

(Paul) #506

Hi Jami, neither the ‘x’ nor the ‘show me’ button does anything. Can’t clear it at all. iOS 11.4. Thanks.

(Jami Welch) #507

Weird! Which version of the Monzo app are you using? Have you previously been able to tap on either action?
Does force-closing and reopening the app unstick things?

(Adam Kendrew) #508

Do you have a joint account (JA) by any chance? I reported to COps yesterday that if the ‘prompt’ for a budget is showing on the JA then it also shows on the personal account (even though a budget is already set), however it’s only dismissible from in the JA.

(Paul) #509

Version 2.5.1 #432. I tried all the things you’ve suggested but reading @ASKendrew comment about the joint account, that solved it. So its something to do with the JA. Thanks

(Paul) #510

Thanks Adam, that solved the issue

(Tom) #511

Does anyone know if there are plans to have flexibility around income dates? I get paid on the last working day of each month so my summary is normally not correct!

(Jack) #512

It’s something thy are looking to improve on yes, a lot of people ask for this

(Nathan) #513

Honestly i find summary to be rather annoying without it allowing me to set an end date… constantly out by a few days meaning my predictions are off. Anyone else like that?


I’m praying to the Monzo Gods that they’re closer to cracking the whole payday prediction. It’s the only thing I consider to not function as expected in Summary.

I’d kinda want to know the progress on this as it is sorta a central part to Summary.

(Daz Fisher) #515

I absolutely agree with actually setting your ‘end’ date, but also acknowledge everything else that is going on and I’m very happy in the knowledge that it WILL come :+1:

(Dan) #516



It’s something I believe should have been sorted as a priority as with this Summery would work amazing for most people… but with this missing its always out by a few days…


Wondering if anyone has this set up but say I have a bill set up as a direct debit, it’ll show up in my committed spending in Summary which is fine.

Now if this bill is to be split with someone and that someone decides to pay me via a standing order, would I see the bills section in Summary credited with how much I received? I understand that credits are iffy with non-Monzo transfers and it works fine if another Monzo user pays me via MonzoMe but would the same happen if they pay me via a standing order?

(Adam Robertson) #518

Don’t think so - Summary hasn’t really been designed to factor in people paying you back for things. Hopefully it’ll come after they sort out the pay day issue (which seems to be the main issue for most people right now)

(Tom Snape) #519

Would anyone else benefit from being able to set summery to work weekly instead of monthy?

(Dan) #520

What @robboadam said is correct. It doesn’t subtract bank transfers or standing orders yet… another missing part of Summary

(Jack) #521

Hi @Jami ,

Not sure if a bug or not :man_shrugging:

I had to set my salary payment again as it came through on a different date this month and it’s been like this since:

(Jami Welch) #522

Hey - is your upcoming committed spending greater than your current balance?

(Jack) #523

Oh yeah my bad thank you, :see_no_evil: the reason… it’s presumed my one off super high Amex bill this month will be the same next time when in fact its about £1800 less. What would you say is the best way to deal with one off issues like this?