Summary - Feedback thread

(Marcel Ruhf) #484

Ah, sorry. I was referring to the Android app.


I found that hitting reset it bounces it back to a round number which you can then adjust to get what you’re after.


I don’t think this is ideal though. We should just be able to type a number, surely?

(Azam) #487

It was still easier before with the drill down from summary, but thanks that helps a lot!

(Nathan) #488

The main thing left for me is being able to set the month end date, being paid on a calendar date each month means this is never the same each month for me so would manually need to change this each month to adjust to being paid early because of bank hols and weekends


Not sure if this has been mentioned or if I can get this information elsewhere. The summary screen shows I might run out of money before the end of the month but doesn’t tell me by how much. Is it a case of moving £20 in from a pot or £200. Does this show anywhere on Android?

(Phil) #490

I would love to know what Summary has done to the metric of how often people open the app.

I’ve gotten into the habit of opening the app every day, just to have a look at the ‘left over’ number in Summary:

(Andy Little) #491

I look at the ‘left over’ number quite often. Even though it’s hideously inaccurate for the majority of the month.

(Phil) #492

There’s something quite rewarding about seeing it when it’s green: “good job on managing your money”.


Would it be possible to add a button that allows us to “Skip this month” for instance I have a Direct Debit with Three but for various reasons they have credited my account with 2 months payments, but obviously summary is still predicting that DD will come out.

(Andy) #494

Does anyone elses summary just randomly jump back to a different style? Seems to be related to joint account. It’s happened a couple of times but the screen never updates when I switch between accounts. Usually need to kill the app to get back to the new summary.

(Adam Robertson) #495

Hey @Jami - what’s next for Summary? What are the bugs that are gonna be fixed, features added, etc? Can you share anything at all?

I’m a big believer in this, so interested to see what the plans are.

(Jami Welch) #496

Hey, thanks for asking!

In the short term, we’re going to focus on a few other areas of the app. Right now the squad I’m working with is focussing on finishing off ‘The Big List’. We’re currently working on editing scheduled payments, showing tomorrow’s Direct Debits at the top of your feed (to reduce the risk of missing a payment), and helping people out if their Direct Debit is declined due to lack of money.

That’s not to say we think Summary is done, we just need to balance our time amongst a few things.

To me, it’s clear there’s more work needed to make sure Summary works for people whose salary isn’t paid on the same date each month, as well as finding ways to help people understand Summary quickly and set up their budget in a way that makes sense for them. Hopefully we’ll be able to address these soon!

Hope this helps!

(Peter G) #497

Amazing. Keep up the good work!

(Adam Robertson) #498

Completely understandable, Jami! Looking forward to seeing the Big List ticked off :slight_smile:


I’m interested to hear more about this? Basically an overdraft, no?


Retry possibly


Is there a way to alert users if a recent partial CASS direct debit was not taken? That would be super useful.

(Paul) #502

Can’t get rid of the set an overall budget notification in Summary. I’ve already set one but the huge notification won’t go away. Any ideas?

(Stuart) #503

Try swiping it away