Summary Date selection

Hey - would anyone else find it beneficial with the Summary functionality, to be able to select a start and end date for the period you wish to summarise?

My salary is always paid on the last Friday of the month, so sometimes a 4 week, sometimes a 5 week period

So the 3 options available don’t really fit

64 people to be precise :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Be sure to vote for it in the below topic to add to the number:

Have a search in the same section to add your vote to anything else you might like to see also.

Hi @TrevG & welcome :wave:

With the introduction of Trends (which you may not have active yet), Summary won’t be developed further and is planned to be incorporated into Trends. Hopefully Trends will get this start/end date request which would be super.

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Make that 65 :ok_hand:t2: