Suggestions for IFTTT Applets

I’ve suggested these to you on Twitter so adding them on here as requested.

The ability to ask Alexa what my Monzo Balance is
The ability to ask Alexa what Transactions are leaving or coming in (excluding pots)

The Reverse Weekly Savings Challenge
£52 in week 1 … £1 in Week 52
Or better yet make the amount variable in 50p increments!

I disagree with the reverse savings challenge. I understand that its hard to save more on December due to Christmas.

But any savings challenge that starts off hard and then gets easier just seem weird. Surely you should be building to save more and more not less?


If I start the reverse saving in January it gets easier just in time for Xmas, isn’t that the point? To make it a “Xmas” pot, invest in it now for next year etc??


Glad you’ve created a thread for this. I also would really like to see the reverse savings challenge, I do this manually at the moment.

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Gotta disagree, they have the 1p savings challenge and the reverse 1p savings already, plus many will find it difficult to save £202 in December what with Christmas. Much easier to save £10 that month.

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+1 id like that option. Easier for me to save £200+ in January than in December.

Ability to see balance in IFTTT would be really good, I would add it to my morning routine on Google Home. Currently the same can be achieved using Monzo API but without programming knowledge it will be difficult to implement.