Suggestion for the Android app

Upon completing an amendment of a standing order, pressing back takes you straight back to the amendment screen giving you the impression it might not be changed,

After completing the amendment, wouldn’t it make more sense if the back arrow returned you to your list of scheduled payments?

The back button on your phone or in the app?

Back always takes you one step backwards so this sounds like correct behaviour.

What may be better would be a button with the word ‘Done’. This would signify that you’ve finished editing and it can then take you to your list of scheduled payments.

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Basically exactly what I said

I can’t see any mention of you wanting the words to be changed? Your request was to change where the button took you :confused:

If that’s “exactly” what you meant, you need to be clearer and perhaps you’d have gathered more votes and comments.

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It’s not really an issue with the current wording is why you two have crossed wires.

Basically, when you have currently gone through it all and pressed “done” or whatever it currently says - pressing back then takes you back into the last step of the process which is confusing.

I should have checked before but just had a look and I think “schedule transfer” followed by fingerprint seemed better than “done” to me.

Also you’re right, seems fixed now in Android at least! I tried back after amending, and setting one up and both times didn’t take me back into the set up.

First time I reply via email and the message I was replying to disappeared!

Oh no, not sure where my comment went but yeah I agree. I was on my mobile so perhaps it hadn’t finished saving before I closed it :man_shrugging:

Just looked too and you’re right, it’s sorted now, so it’s a non-issue :slight_smile: