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Happy new year back at you (and everyone else!)

This is a great post. One of the best things about Apple (sorry @davidwalton) is that it’s great in showing you what’s going where. Here’s my list.

  • iCloud+ (obvs)
  • OS Maps
  • Prime
  • EE
  • New York Times

Try to keep this as low as possible


Have you thought about a laser printer? Got a monochrome HP laser and two years later the free taster* toner is still going strong despite screaming at me that it’s low. Also never dries into the cartridge.

*don’t actually eat toner, kids. It’s bad for you.

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Connections, wordle, spelling bee and the crosswords :sweat_smile:

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I don’t use arcade or watch anything on Apple TV, plus I have well over 200gb just myself :sweat_smile: it’s not worth it for the cost

This is a great thread!

I’ve culled in 2023:

Apple One

I’ve kept:
Amazon Prime (The next day free delivery has become almost essential, and I use Amazon Prime Video occasionally and Music rarely)
Now TV (£1pm for Entertainment and £22 for Sport)

For 2024

I intend to rotate membership of Apple TV+, Netflix and any other that takes my fancy.

Edit to add; I forgot about Perky Blenders and Pact coffee subs. Keeping those.


The crosswords from NYT are hard, at least for me.

I got the wider subscription on offer for £20 a year but honestly, I’ll probably renew at full price since it’s such a good read

I subscribe to the daily telegraph (Annual so not monthlu like yours) but each year I get a price of 200+ and I ring to cancel and then get offered 100 and rejoin.

This is now aroind my 4th year of subscribing an dworked each time so maybe ring the times and ask for a better price else threaten to cancel

My subscriptions are

Amazon Prime (Annual) 95.00/yr
Disney (Annual) 89.99/yr
Paramount & Netflix via Sky - 69.00/mo
Daily Telegraph 100/yr
Microsoft office 59.99/yr
Now tv sports (For dad as he does not have sky) 29.99/mo
youtube premium (family) (Replaced apple as we watch You tube and the adds annoy. 19.99/yr
Game pass 7.99/mo
Sidekick (Sorted Foods) this replaced the Hellofresh deliveries with DIY recipies 4.99/mo
Apple Icloud 0.99/mo
Kaspersky Anti Virus - 59.99/3yr
Mobile phones (*3) 30/mo
Gym / PT - 200/mo
Monzo Premuim - 15/mo

Smol - found it good but prices went up so now by on deals variabke/mo


Very interesting to read what everyone else has. Here are mine…

Annual subs

Duolingo - £89.99 / year (split with family)
The Economist - £99.99 / year (using the January offer)
Weather & Radar app - £8.49 / year
OS Maps - £28.99 / year

For these I’ll often flex the annual payment and pay over 6-12 months. They’re still a significant saving on the monthly equivalents even with the added interest.

Monthly subs

Spotify Duo Premium - £14.99 / month
Sky Stream (incl. Sports & Netflix) - £46 / month
Google Nest Aware - £5.99 / month
Simply Cook - roughly £5.99 / month (though sometimes skip it)
Nespresso - £30 / month
Monzo Plus - £5 / month

My partner also has Amazon Prime, paid monthly.

This year I cancelled Strava (as Garmin Connect has many of the same features for free if you’ve got one of their devices) and Discovery+ (included for free with Sky).


Going for this. I take it the 12 months starts from date of redemption, not date of purchase :thinking:

My monthly sub renews on 23rd of the month, so looking at purchasing now, but not redeeming/activating until 23 Jan 2024

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I’ve compared ‘next day’ Vs free delivery and, at least in NI, there is rarely any difference in delivery time. I suspect it depends on where you live but in NI there isn’t any next day and it’s always at least one more day.

Don’t you have to pay for cheaper items though? Is it £25/30 to get free postage?

Prime is one I’d definitely pay for if I couldn’t get it free, the shows I don’t care so much about but next day/free delivery is worth it for how often I spend at Amazon.

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I just collect cheaper items from the local Co-op. Free to collect from lockers/collection points, no matter the item cost.

How do you get Prime free?

They used to let you share with your family at another address, so I’ve had that for 10+ years. It’s stricter now but they haven’t taken it away.

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In theory, yes. In practice, I just add on something from my wishlist to reach the £25. So, in my head, I get it £5 cheaper :grin:

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It’s free for six months if you’re a student, then half price after that.

I don’t think Revels nor I have been students for a good while now. Though doesn’t stop Amazon trying to sell me student prime and I have no idea how to stop them.

Weird thing is that they don’t try to sell me it even though I am a student! They do keep pestering me with 30 days free of normal Prime every time I buy something though.

It was quite difficult to find the offer when t’other half wanted to sign up for It a while back.

Yes. Amazon just needs your email to send it to - I think you can redeem it earlier and it’ll add on or you get a prorata refund. Can’t remember.

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In my experience, since cancelling, on the rare occasion I do need to buy stuff from Amazon, they have always offered me a free (sometimes £1) week or month of prime during checkout so I don’t have to pay for delivery. So it’s worked out quite well for me.

Subscribe and save you don’t need prime for, and for the odd time I do need something, however small, I’ve never had to pay for delivery either.


My list is not very long :sweat_smile::page_with_curl:

Netflix, Disney + & Amazon Prime paid by Landlord :grin:

Proton Mail 10 CHF /mo (top up credits ahead)
ClearScore £4.99 /mo
Monzo £5 /mo
Unite Union £16.25 /mo

Microsoft Office £59.99 /yr
Web hosting ~ £57 /yr
Revolut Metal £140 /yr
Tuta nota email (currently) €18 /yr

Grindr subscription is occasional, so don’t count it in, but recently paid £30 for 3 months :sweat_smile::grin:

Postcode lottery £72 /mo (yap, 6 x £12) :grimacing::sweat_smile:
Set for Life £13.5 /mo
Somerset West lotto £4.34 /mo
Other ones are not set in stone (occasional)

Including a few YouTube channel support, is around £147 /mo :innocent:
(in £, € & $)

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