Subscription and Direct Debit predicted value not updating

(Jack) #1

Issue: subscriptions & direct debit screen not showing correct value.

Details to reproduce: Have a DD coming out in a few days where it’s showing the correct value to be taken in the feed. Summary shows this change correctly instead of a predicted value, but the subscriptions & direct debits page does not.
OS: iOS 11.4.1
Device: iPhone 7
App Version: 2.10.0 #442


(Kieran McHugh) #2

Hi Jack,

Thanks for raising. Ideally this amount would show the real amount as soon as we’re made aware of it. I will speak with the team to see what we can do here.

We put ‘predicted’ under there just to make clear that it’s a reasonable guesstimate. Admittedly for Amex it’s usually not very useful as the amount changes each month.


(MikeF) #3

For reference, my credit card bill for tomorrow is correct in both places today. It’s not Amex, though, so the issue may be company specific?