Subscribe merchants to be paid by particular pot

Hi folks,

Would this be useful to anyone?

The idea is that you can subscribe particular merchants to be paid by a particular pot. Or, the ability for transactions categorised as Grocery, to be paid by a Particular Pot (Groceries!)

E.g. I want Tesco and Sainsbury’s to be paid by my Groceries Pot.

I’d appreciate a vote up, so we can get the Monzo team working on this!


Kind of similar:

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Thanks David - yeah it is. Shame there’s no traction on implementation.

You can do it after the fact with IFTTT. But it’s very unlikely to be able to happen as you want due to the way the payment flow works.

Thanks @Revels . I’ve been able to create merchant specific rules for Tesco and Sainsbury’s which should work for the most part.

Do you know if I upgrade to IFTTT Pro - does it give me the option for categorised transaction based triggers?

You should be able to write it yourself with Platform and have it by category instead of merchant.

It’s a bit annoying that you need to have the funds in your main account too. But it’s the best we’ve got at the moment.