Sub-pots: Your savings, distributed

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Putting money into savings can feel like a negative experience (because you’re locking away money you earned).

What if you had a distributor pot, that if you gave it a sum of say, £100, it would distribute it out amongst your other pots.

So imagine you want to buy a game for £30, but your ‘Games’ pot is only at £20.

You pay £100 into your ‘Distributor Pot’ and it, in turn, pays that into your various sub-pots:

Mortgage + £50
Holiday + £20
Rainy Day + £20
Games + £10

That way, as you want to buy a game, it requires an investment of a further £100 of your available cash but you get closer to all of your other goals as a result.

The rationale behind using this feature may vary, but being able to distribute your savings in a single action would be really useful.

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