Stuck in Android Current Account Sign Up

Hey Everyone,

just got my invite passed the test and download… couple of issues…

  1. Stuck at the card running with the OMW sign… Text says "You’ve finished creating a Monzoaccount and we’re ready to send you a card. Press the order my current account card Dialogue appears with “not much longer… Sorry for the delay we’re still checking some last things and it may take a few more minutes” I’ve retried, over the last 15 or so, but am stuck.

  2. during the id validation, the app crashed during the video element. It replayed my clip but it seems if i was too hasty too accept it would close the app. Waiting a few seconds and it worked. Honor 6x Android v6.0

Just wanted to let you know.

** quick Edit - just read all feedback in app, but I cant as I am stuck!**

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Get in touch with support via prepaid in-App chat.

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