Stripe payment problem with India based merchant (cloned cards?!)


I tried to donate to a India based software developer for an open source app that allows file transfer from android to mac (very useful - GitHub - ganeshrvel/openmtp: OpenMTP - Advanced Android File Transfer Application for macOS) on and hit a wall when trying to pay through Stripe.

I used my Monzo card, and Stripe (I assume) threw an error, which I’m guessing is due to the way they or Monzo handle international card transactions into India - the reference to ‘cloned’ cards alarmed me for a moment, but I’m wondering if it’s more like Stripe using an alias to process the payment within India or something like that, maybe due to policies there (my uneducated guess).

Buymeacoffee runs an active card check, then this error came up in the payment window:

“It appears that you are cloning a card payment method to a IN-based connected account. As part of our continued investment in India and to meet local data storage requirements, we no longer allow cloning card payment methods into or out of India, so we had to reject your request. For more information, please visit

Looking at that page, it may be related to Stripe Connect (which links accounts to make payments), and nothing to do with Monzo per se, but I thought I’d just post it here in case it’s useful to someone.

I wasn’t sure if the cloning process was happening within Stripe or the way that Monzo manages payments with Stripe India.

Exciting, eh?


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