Stress: Are we Coping? event streaming live from 6.30pm

A special event to mark Mental Health Awareness week, exploring ways to manage stress and support our mental wellbeing at work.

Presentations on the evening from

Gavin Dhesi (Sphere)

Petra Velzeboer (Therapist, Killing It Podcast)

Jarod McBride (Product Owner, Moodnotes)

Rose Scanlon-Jones (Community Manager, Sanctus)

Because we have demanding jobs and care a lot about what we do, finding time to switch off, focus, and achieve a good work life balance is something we will all struggle with from time to time.

Especially when technology makes it so easy to check your emails when you wake up, or reply to a work message over the weekend.

To help us understand how we can find a better balance, we’ll hear from the people and organisations creating new ways to help us manage stress and achieve good mental health in the era of the smartphone.