Streaming services no longer in HD - refund?

There are two things going on here.

Can you ask for a reduction in fees if your streaming service is reducing the bit rate? The answer is, yes. You can always ask. They might say no.

The next question is, can you demand a reduction in fees as compensation for a lower bit rate? This depends on what your agreement with the streaming service says. I’ve never read a user agreement in my life. But if a certain bit rate is guaranteed in the agreement, then you can demand compensation for their inability to keep to their obligations. If they refuse, you can take them to court and you will then be able to demonstrate what harm you suffered because of this.

Good Luck.


Mine are still in HD. They’ve lowered the bandwidth but haven’t just dropped everyone to SD. If yours are, it may be your local internet is under heavy load.

I have had Netflix pop up errors and sign me out very often which has never happened before, I assume its something to do with them being hammered.

Gratefully paused mine two days ago.

Can’t remember last time I watched any of the channels. Probably four weeks ago, I reckon.

Tied in till Xmas day, so pause will be interesting for me as my Sky minimum term will still expire Xmas Day and not sure yet whether I’ll be staying with them, but how would I move provider while still under contract for Sports :man_shrugging:

Something to think about at another time though. Of minor importance to me at the moment tbh

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In relation to this thread and Netflix, I have noticed no difference in bitrate, just in speed of loading on some devices, such as Roku stick.

I think there was a repeat of netball yesterday


I take it all back

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Bitrate != Resolution


Streaming services will adjust the quality according to the bandwidth available. If your ISP has throttled your speed or ping, you’re likely to get lower quality. With more people working at home, they’re suggesting that there is more demand on the network.

Thanks for that, have just paused mine.

So you are no longer paying for Sky Sports.

  • The discount will apply from today and will appear on your next bill.
  • Your Sky Sports channels plus your recordings will remain available.
  • As soon as the action returns, we will reinstate your Sports subscription. You don’t need to do anything.

The channels still being available is working as intended. Makes you wonder why they don’t just automatically pause the subscription for all subscribers :man_shrugging:




Yeah. I’ll start a new topic, there are probably loads out there who aren’t aware.

Might save people a few quid

It really doesn’t!

I’ve just had a look and they are also throttling 1080p streams for me.

Netflix have a very good content delivery network to minimise network costs, often putting servers right inside internet providers networks.

I’m using Three, and it doesn’t look they have a Netflix server inside their network, But I know for example Vodafone do, so they may not be throttling there if they can manage without.

To make a claim it would be best to measure the bitrate and resolution of the current steams to compare. If you’re paying for something they are providing you clearly have a strong case.

It’s bad enough when you look art the quality of some of their stream in normal times.

On netflix you can see the bitrate on the debug screen on windows , and it’s definitely running at a lower bitrate then what it used to.


So unsurprisingly loads of people in this thread are chatting nonsense.

Out of curiosity can you give some example bitrates?

I mostly used to get a video bitrate of 5800 on a 1080p windows machine, and sometimes 6 thousand and something.

Now I’m getting a 3 thousand and something.

I was troubleshooting network issues a few months back so I know what I was getting for sure.

Just to add that not all content was available in that bitrate, but I’m checking titles that I know were showing at 5800 for me previously.

Is that doing the ctrl+alt+shift+d (ctrl+option+shift+d mac) for the overlay?

Just did a quick test on a few videos its 128 / 570 (1280 x 720) and looks like balls.

We have Netflix Ultra, just did a quick speedtest and its not us.

Screenshot 2020-03-27 at 17.15.42

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Your internet normally isn’t a direct route and different services will be routed differently. Especially Netflix as they go through local CDNs whether with your isp or otherwise.

Sure in my case its Sky CDN

1690 Kbps and 720p on this Star Trek