Strange query

Do your prefer NatWest or rbs?

Without context, RBS, though that might be a preference for blue over purple as they’ve been functionally identical for a while

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They’ve not been blue for a while.

Also feels like this is better suited for the RBS or NatWest threads rather than its own thread with a nondescript title in the Monzo feedback topic. @AlanDoe ?


They’re identical, aren’t they?

One has nicer cards and branches than the other.

Which cards are nicer? Arty or beach hut?


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I think these are both nice. Especially the black one, saw it on a plane the other day and sort of wished I could get it just to add to the collection.

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I’ve yet to see the black one in real life, but I’ve seen the purple helmet one many times and it’s awful, it really is.

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I prefer the rbs with the beach hut.

RBS as I always found it funny I got a shocked look by the staff when I went into my up north local branch (before it closed) in a rough part of town, while dressed a bit scruffy, and my account flagged up as a private account of Child&Co. on their system.