Strange Parts: ATM slot machine

Came up on my YouTube subscriptions. This crazy guy somehow managed to make an ATM into a slot machine! (No idea how you even just buy one off eBay like he apparently did… with actual working processing???)

Skip to 21:12-ish if you just want to see the thing work

See one for £155 (collection in person) but screen is broken…

Kinda crazy how he was able to add it to a network :face_with_monocle:

The ATM was never removed from the network. To the network, it is just another standard ATM as it was before the mod.

Not as cool as Barnaby Jack’s work.

Watched this the other day, they seem to have really overcomplicated it by using a proper ATM machine, but probably the fact that the US isn’t as up to date as the UK with payment tech!

If I were to do it, a little iZettle machine or similar would probably do the trick, and you can just hook onto the API with an arduino, and have it “unlock” the machine and payout etc :smiley:

Or just jackpot it.