Stop forcing changes on your users

I have not asked for anything to change in the UX. you keep making things worse with every release but not your taking the biscuit. It is such a slow and cumbersome experience. Who ever signed off on this change should be sacked from the job. I didn’t ask for it. Yet you are forcing this crap on me. And now you’re not even showing my pots I have spot full of money to cover my bills and it has disappeared over night because of your buggy release. Just stop it.

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First direct has not changed in years, go to them

Or if you want internet banking app again go to Starling, again they’ve not changed in a good few years

I have never had money disappear, can you not see your bills pot?

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Wow. Wrong side of the bed this morning?

I don’t think it’s appropriate to ask for individuals to be sacked. The expectation they would ask you before making changes is bizarre.


Yeah Monzo!!11!!

Before you release new products or update things, you better ask Rob for his carefully considered opinion in future!


@AlanDoe merge please?

Just delete the whole forum at this point, I reckon.


I love an occasional nerdy forum entitled strop


TIL Monzo have to ask customers if they can update the app design. :thinking:


With :clap: Some :clap: Pretty :clap: Pleases :heart:


But then where will I track the implementation progress of BadgerPay?! :sob:

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