Still Not Receiving the Monzo Monthly Journal

There are many threads about this. Some stating that previously there were problems with GSuite accounts, to people saying that you should ensure you’re signed up to Marketing emails in the app etc.

Is there any way to try to pinpoint why (after many months) I’m still not receiving these? Or a way to ensure I’m signed up :eyes:

I haven’t had these for a few months either. I’ve not changed any settings, and in the app I am signed up for “news and updates” in the marketing preferences.

In the app, go to “Help” >> “Making Monzo”.
There you should see a prompt at the bottom of the screen asking you to subscribe to updates from Monzo.

If you don’t see tbat prompt or you’ve already tried this, your best bet would be to contact CS again.

FYI - they aren’t called Monzo Monthly Journal anymore (this month’s was titled “Making Monzo January”).

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Check your junk email. With email addresses they seem to get diverted to the junk email folder :frowning:

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Cool, thanks :blush: Done that now. :crossed_fingers:for next month :slight_smile:

No prompt. Also, not sure it’s a thing worth asking CS about. Rather try to identify with the people on the forum (like @simonb) what the root issue is etc.

I use G Suite. Not in spam :upside_down_face:


Are you toggled on?

(Account, profile, settings)

Mine go to junk with outlook sometimes.

Yup :frowning:

:thinking: I’m toggled on as well, and I only did it this month to resubscribe. Might have a look tomorrow unless @cookywook or @Naji know what’s going on.

Thanks. Happy to answer any questions etc to try to help solve :+1: