Stick to your savings goals by locking your Pots

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While IFTTT wasn’t mentioned specifically I know scheduled withdrawals won’t work as the design is you can’t take any money out at all while it’s locked

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That’s a shame, but I can understand why it’s designed that way. I guess mine is a bit of an edge case

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First iteration though, who knows what will be added in future


It would be good to have the option to set the frequency of the lock or something like on the 17th of each month (payday) a scheduled payment is made from said pot to Freetrade


Just created an IFTTT applet to test this out for you and the result was . . .

IFTTT Pot Withdrawal Declined
Pot locked until 17 Dec

So there’s your definitive answer :grin:


Top microsaving combo: round ups on transactions + locked pot :lock: Bring on accelerated round ups next​:ok_hand:

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Finally will save something for later. :wink:

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I locked a put until today (14th) and it unlocked itself as expected :grin: but there was no notification :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’d be nice to get a little heads up that my pot’s been unlocked :yum:


I was just about to post this :blush:

I tried the same thing yesterday and was expecting some kind of indication that my money was free again. This would especially useful when the unlock date was months, or even years away.


For some reason I can’t see the locked pot option on my app, using the latest iOS version.

Also another feature it I’d love to see is “lock until goal reached”. That way I’m not working towards a date but more a goal amount so it doesn’t matter what I put in the pot as it’ll vary from month to month

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Try a delete and reinstall if you can’t see it. It’s in the normal pot creation set up flow


Thanks that worked! Sucks that’s the solution though

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Yep :+1:t3:

(James T) #54

Like the idea of being able to lock a pot. Couple of queries, apologies if I’m repeating anyone:

  1. I understand you can set scheduled payments in to a locked pot. Will you be able to schedule payments out of a locked pot?

  2. What is to stop someone simply deleting a locked pot prior to the unlock date and accessing their money that way?

(Kieran) #55

You can’t schedule payments out of a locked pot. :slight_smile:

You can’t deleted a locked pot, you would need to contact support if you need the money before the locked date.

(James T) #56

Thanks for the response Kieran!

Strangely I did manage to delete a locked pot, which prompted my query in the first place as it seems to negate the whole point!

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I tried yesterday and it wouldn’t let me. Did you complete the whole set up process? There’s no lock showing on the pic

(James T) #58

Ignore me.

I hadn’t clicked ‘Save Changes’ (it’s been a long week!) hence why I was able to delete.

It works properly now.

(Michael) #59

As per some comments above, from me and others, this is probably not totally intuitive

Not having a pop at them as it is a good feature and first version, but I think I and others kinda felt it should have been locked at that stage, not after a save

(James T) #60

Agree. As you say it’s only the first version so I’m sure they’ll tinker.

Wondering out loud (I’ve setup a test for the weekend) as to what would happen if you schedule a payment out of a pot, and then lock the pot - would they payment still come out etc. etc.