Stick to your savings goals by locking your Pots

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My initial feedback…

It needs a visual indicator that tells me when my pot is locked until. As it stands I have to try and delete or withdraw from the pot in order to see the date.


Update from Monzo about why people from latest TF haven’t got locked pots?

(Michael) #23

Yea. Not got this in the TF app myself still.

(Richard) #24

What’s TF?

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(Dessy) #26

Can I keep adding money once I’ve locked a pot?

(Nathan) #27

Can an Investec Savings pot be locked?

(Peter Nobbs) #28

Yeah can’t see it either in TF. :sob:




Yup, it would appear so

(Alex Mayo) #31

Yeah I cannot see in the latest TF build .27.0 (491), guessing it’s only for production currently :slight_smile:

(Adam) #32

It’s live on the Android Beta.


I’d love to see this with a savings goal, rather than a time limit. Future addition maybe?


Now live on the latest TestFlight version.

(Michael) #35

Went to give it a test for my penny jar

Got a bit confused that the setting had not preserved as was able to “back” out of the screen on Android before clicking the “Save Changes” button

Even having read the comment above I found that a bit unintuititve - after selecting lock and entering a reason it felt like it should be locked at that point

Maybe should not be able to exit the screen without confirming changes will be discarded?

(Michael) #36

Also could perhaps add the option to extend the lock period while already locked - one for a later version :slight_smile:


Looks like a feature I’m going to find really useful!


  • Issue with changing date or month before year.

    • When I tried to lock my first pot, I changed the day first (I would then change the month and year in that order). However, since the date I wanted was 12th January 2019 when I changed the day to the 12th, it automatically changed back to the 14th (I guess because 12th December 2018 is in the past).
    • Desired behaviour - let the user put whatever date they want (even if it’s in the past), then show an error message if the date they try to submit by pressing the blue “Lock Pot Until …” button is in the past.
  • When selecting a new day/month/year, the toggle jumps back to today’s date temporarily and then switches to the day/month/year selected.

  • The “Lock Pot Until …” button showing the day of the week is a nice touch. and provides a quick check that the date you selected is correct.

  • Lock symbol on a locket pot is good too.

Bug report info
OS: iOS 12.1
Device: iPhone 6s
App Version: 2.27.0

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #38

Would love the option to lock a pot indefinitely. Use case here is that I have an emergency fund, and would like the deterrent from taking money out of this without getting in touch.

(Jeff) #39

Tried to lock a pot until 1st Jan 10000, but it refused.

However, 1st Jan 9999 was fine. Hooray for protecting my money while I travel through time!

(Toby Toller) #40

I use an IFTTT applet to pay me a daily allowance from a Budget Pot.

If I were to lock this pot, would the applet still run? Keen to ensure that I don’t touch this pot, but would like the daily allowance to continue coming in :slight_smile: