Status of the Android app vs the iOS app


Nice :stuck_out_tongue: looking forward to it!

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Just in case anyone’s interested in the business case for starting with iOS, rather than Android first :wink: this article does a pretty good job of explaining the pros & cons of starting with either first or both together…

Why would I use this?

I think certain elements of that are dross. While young kids joining some of the firms I worked in had personal iPads the senior managers and key reps had Android tablets, and that was not just in small firms but huge global firms like Unilever where their in-house software was being written by them in Android OS.

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Recently speaking to a professional mobile app developer friend of mine who works with both platforms every week, another point is that Swift (the development language of iOS) is easier to work with when compared to Java (the main development language of Android).

He also raised the point that the Apple AppStore are so much more strict in their review process that it can take weeks for each release to be approved. This is is reduce the likelihood of scam apps and malware making it to the live AppStore, a compromise that I’m very happy to tolerate.

This is an example of what has happened on the Google Play Store when apps aren’t reviewed so stringently

Not saying that Monzo would ever do anything like this. Just making a point about the development and review process regarding apps in general.


The disparity between the iOS and Android app has led to me to stop using Monzo. Maybe I’m just a bitter Android user, but the two speed nature of the thing is annoying.

There seems to be no unity at all in the development of the apps with both old and new features. Android users can’t even do fairly small things like report merchant data as being wrong without having to use the contact support option. Or something like turning the mag stripe on means having to send a message and wait for someone to action it rather than just pressing a button. Or where upon release iOS has a nice easy way of getting to their link but Android users have this much more cumbersome method of getting to the same position. I can’t even search through my transactions.

This is before we look at all the things Android is completely lacking in like pulse graphs, end of trip reports, targets…

I was fairly early in joining the Android version, getting my card in early September and I was aware of Android being behind and obviously September isn’t long ago. I’m also aware of why a firm might choose to develop iOS first and that Monzo’s Android team isn’t especially big.

But the main issue for me is that rather than a convergence of the apps, it seems more of a continuing divergence as the iOS version constantly steams ahead, leaving Android users even further behind than they were comparatively.

That’s my rant over. I’ll be sticking with TSB rather than sending all my spending money to Monzo for the forseeable.

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Android may be behind and you can expect to see the pulse graph and in app merchant data editing very soon according to their roadmap. Also take a look at what Hugo is working on for the benefit of Android users - something the iOS version can’t have.

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@JPiz Completely understand your frustrations as a fellow Android user :slightly_smiling_face:

Things have moved so fast, it’s easy to forget the Android app has only been around a few months! We’re working hard to achieve some parity across both platforms and rest assured that will come :+1: We promised regular updates for the Android app and I don’t think we’ve done too bad so far, with a new update almost every fortnight.

We have a small (but perfectly formed) Android team of two developers, creating native versions of many of these features, not just carbon copies or adaptions of the iOS version (because that would suck!).

There’s loads more great stuff on the way for the Android app, if it’s not what you’re expecting or looking for right now, I completely understand, but keep the app on your phone and try us out again in a month or two, I think you’ll be pretty chuffed see how things have progressed! :slightly_smiling_face:

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:cry: Sorry you feel that way @JPiz. I’d hope rather than seeing the iOS version constantly steaming ahead, the last few updates which have brought Spending and Payments three weeks apart might show you that it’s actually the Android app steaming and catching up! :smiley: I totally get that it’s frustrating that both apps aren’t exactly the same as a result of the iOS app having more than 12 months head start but I really believe that we’ll catch up quicker than you might think :slight_smile:

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There Card design is awful…


I also agree that the iOS app is miles ahead of the android app however I can’t think anything I urgently need on the android version? It would be nice to have targets and so on but this is coming soon according to the roadmap. I do wish the updates were bigger and more often to achieve parity with the iOS app but as a software designer myself I know how difficult this can be


the only thing urgent is option to report changes to retailer name/address etc.


@anon44204028, yes I agree that is quite an important feature. I am sure they are working on it!

(Alex Sherwood) #62

They are :slightly_smiling_face: it’s one of the items that’re next up on the roadmap


@alexs I like how most of the things for the next 3 months (short term) are mainly android feature updates along side other major new features. Shows their commitment to the android users

(Alex Sherwood) #64

There’s actually dedicated teams for the Android & iOS apps. But as you say, Monzo’s definitely pushing to get to feature parity as soon as possible.

The good news is that Tristan (product manager for Android) has mentioned that development of the app is more straightforward, thanks to the work that’s already been done in the iOS app.
And while we’re on the subject - following on from some of the other posts in this thread - that illustrates the fact that this is not a zero sum game, where a feature being built first for one platform (it might be the Android app that gets features first in the future), is bad news for the users of the other OS :slightly_smiling_face:


Exactly, nothing worse than slowing down the development of one platform for another. Glad they have teams working on both, hopefully Android will catch up quickly so I don’t have to buy an iPhone :wink:

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Indeed, you have to remember that there’s a silent third platform here, the backend servers!

Once a feature such as payments with friends, or the magstripe ATM toggle have been developed on the backend and on one of the client applications, it becomes easier (but not always easy) to bring the feature to another platform based on the existing work and specifications. (I stress that this is only true for some applications.)

One thing that’s interesting to note is features coming to Android are also being revisited on the backend and iOS. See the older P2P payments gaining a lot of behind the scenes functionality (enabling much of and becoming payments with friends.


Thats really interesting to know. It makes a lot of sense for them be reviewing the backend when pushing new features to see what can be made more efficient and so on. As a developer myself this really intrigues me :slight_smile:

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For everyone who’s eagerly anticipating the next updates to the Android app, several Android features were added to the roadmap / moved yesterday & Tristan shared some updates on Monzo’s priorities for Android users, in the first half of the year, here -

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Hello Monzo!

You guys are very exciting.

I love loads of the stuff you guys are doing - active community, responding quickly and honestly, it feels like a great place to be. Everything is so much more human! Coming from HSBC, that’s not the biggest challenge, but you cracked it.

A main reason I joined though was to use Targets, and didn’t realise ahead of time that it wasn’t an available feature for android users. It looks like it’s not particularly loved on the Trello board either. Maybe everybody’s just a lot better at tracking their own money than me :slight_smile:

Anyway, top work. I’m really excited to be a part of it!