Starting Work

What time does every one start work? I am not working at the min so I have not got a start time

Great thread.

I usually try and start between 8:30 and 9 if I am in the office, though now I am working from home that can be anywhere between 9 and 11.

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Start at 7, makes sure there’s no shit storms.
Run at 8
Start working again at 9
Sit here and post on the Monzo forum inbetween doing some actual work until about 5ish

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At precisely 8am there is a Ford Fiesta in the car park here.


I’m going in circles.

Do you own a Ford Fiesta or do you just a very persistent and obvious private investigator following you?


I like to be different and unique, so I bought the most popular car in the country.

When I was going to the office usually around 10, now when working from home around 9 but it varies.

We end at 6pm, which I try and stick to to maintain a good work/life balance. But you know what startups are like… Slack messages at 9 or 10pm aren’t uncommon.

We do a very good job at Sphere at keeping weekends sacrosanct though. Our Slack almost never has any messages on it over the weekend :slight_smile:

The key word is “try” :slight_smile:

But there’s no underlying cultural feeling of “having to” reply at that time, which is the important thing. I could easily mitigate it by just uninstalling Slack from my phone, but it’s all fully within my control.

Laptop definitely has the lid come down at 6pm.

Compressed hours for me means
3 days a week out of 7.

4:30AM 9-5 has always seemed how do people do that to me.
10 hour days so 3 days off without overtime

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