Started registering... card displays just half my last name

Hi there!

So I’m halfway registering and when I see the preview of the card, it shows my name and a second last name (that is composed) half-wrong. If I’d known I’d entered just a first last name (I’m Spanish so we have two #fun!). I cannot go back and really don’t want a card with a name printed on it that it’s not my legal name (First Name + 1st Last Name). Is it there any way to start the process all over again?


this is the answer I found on the chat help , though not ideal as presumably your card would have to be issued with the registered name on it before you could change it , maybe @BethS could help you out on this before its issued


If you start an in app chat and tap on urgent, we can make sure it’s fine on our end!

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thanks so much for getting back to me!!
so shall i go through the registration and then flag this via chat?

Presumably if you haven’t completed the registration process , you can just delete the app and start again ??? I really don’t know unfortunately but until you are registered you don’t have an account ? so haven’t finalised anything

No, you can’t. As soon as you enter an email that sets an application up.

Yes, please @vhermida, you should be able to message you before you order the card. If you mark it as urgent we can do it before it’s dispatched, if not.


Just did :smiley: amazing service, really - so fast!
All good now, can’t wait for my card to arrive!!

THANKS SO MUCH for your help!!!