Starlink - satellite internet by SpaceX

Not true unless you live very close to the cabinet. The best we could get was 25/3-5 on a good day!

The town I lived in originally only had FTTC and very few people got the full 80.

As for saturation I tried everything wired the consoles, bandwidth restrictions on them to only use 40% but that just made downloading during the day more pointless anyway., I monitored network traffic but unfortunately it was just a case of too little coming in when everyone was WFH/School, Best outcome I could find was no downloads until after 10pm.

You must either have lived very far from the cabinet or had very poor wiring to get such poor sync speeds.

The majority on FTTC get over 60MB - which is achievable at distances of over 500 meters from a cabinet.

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0.8 miles away was the closest cabinet.

Nothing we could do about it well there was I moved!

This sounds like a fault to me. Even quite far from the cabinet, I’ve always got pretty close to the line caps.

I get 60Mb/s with VDSL and I’m around 500 meters from the cabinet. I was the first on the estate with VDSL and got 80/20 until the rest of the estate got connected and crosstalk became a factor.

We now have FTTP on the estate so I’ll most likely upgrade this year.

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Maybe he can throw in a promotional 24 free months of Twitter Blue as consolation :joy:



Not bad pricing. It’s a balance of up-front versus long-term (as most things are) as it starts to get more expensive to rent during year 3+

Year 1:
Purchase (12 month example): £460 + (£75 x 12) = £1,360
Rental (12 month example): £99 + (£15 x 12) + (£75 x 12) = £1,179 :white_check_mark:

Year 2:
Purchased (24 month example): Year 1 (£1,360) + Year 2 (£75 x 12) = £2,260
Rental (24 month example): Year 1 (£1,179) + Year 2 (£15 x 12) + (£75 x 12) = £2,259 :white_check_mark:

Year 3:
Purchased (36 month example): Year 1+2 (£2,260) + Year 3 (£75 x 12) = £3,160
Rental (36 month example): Year 1+2 (£2,259) + Year 3 (£15 x 12) + (£75 x 12) = £3,339 :x:

Off the back of the Starship launch today, I’ve decided to take another look at Starlink today.

It’s in my area now, and a lot of folks on the island have! I’ve seen dozens of their aerials on buildings, and we even have local companies whose sole business is to professionally install these for customers, and they claim to have installed thousands over the past 6 months.

Not sure when the price decreased, it wasn’t discussed on here looking back through, but to go from an inflation/currency-fuelled elevated price of £110 per month to £75 is quite a hefty drop. I wouldn’t be surprised if, overtime, the rental option eventually just becomes part of that base price. It makes more sense for a project like Starlink to rent equipment than sell it outright.

If the rental option was rent to own after 36 months it would be more attractive.

Anyway, the average speed customers in my area gets is 100-150mbps up and 30-40 down. That’s a big jump from what I get with FTTC, and is cheaper than bonding two FTTC lines.

It is really tempting, especially as FTTP is nowhere in sight, and the plans for my area have been downgraded so have gone from 2025 to no current plans to deploy for my post code. Only issue is I like my existing ISP too much to risk playing with Starlink.

If they keep optimising price, delivery, speed and quality, it might eventually become too tempting to overlook. For now, as cool as it would be, I can live without it.


RevK has Starlink and I think he has blogged about it and the oddities that he’s found with it.


How’d I miss that!?

Found the posts and will have a read! Thank you!

For anyone else interested:

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If I remember correctly and you have aaisp then maybe you can pair starling with their l2tp service and can probably keep your IP address if needed.

Edit: seems a bunch of people have the same idea in the blog comments too.


Yes, this is possible. I did this with my mother’s former A&A account - L2TP via Virgin.

She’s now moved to an FTTP area and is using A&A directly again.

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