Starlink - satellite internet by SpaceX

I think there isn’t many ground stations in the UK right now which the satilites need to connect to the actual internet.

The satellites cannot also properly daisy chain off each other yet to create a mesh network over an international area (although that is the plan).

Southern England may have a base station now, but I know the small amount of UK dishes are or were using one in northern France for a time.

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Plan is that they can eventually connect to each other


Just received this email today!

Exciting stuff! Still no coverage in my area is yet though, but is expected In 2022.

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I’m in NW England, rural, and currently on approx 36Mbps (down) / 8Mbps (up) via Sky with FTTC
Openreach are supposed to be installing FTTH in this area, but realistically I don’t see it happening for a year or two.

Starlink looks impressive. And available for my address too. But… it costs £439 for the hardware with £54 shipping :eyes: (just how big is the hardware?), so £493 upfront and then the £89.00 per month service cost.

At £1,561 for the first year and £1,068 for each subsequent year I’ll be sticking with my £330 per year, slow-but-may-get-quicker, connection.


This is what kills it at the moment for a lot of people however you have FTTC and better speed than me, if I was still at my last place I would probably go for it as 25/3 when 4 users are WFH then Netflix in the evening just didn’t work. Had to setup a harmony activity in the end which turned my xbox on, the internet back on then it downloaded updates before it turned the internet off and then turned itself off.

Hopefully some villages or areas without FTTC can really test it. BT have delayed our rollout of proper fiber until 2024 so if the dish price comes down it will get more takeup.


I got that email too earlier. £100 less with free delivery and I would probably pull the trigger just to try it. But it is just a little too much right now.

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I think, as the service matures through the beta period, these costs will start to come down.

Comparing to the cost of VDSL, it’s no contest, VDSL setup and monthly cost is much cheaper, but I don’t think that’s a fair comparison. FTTC isn’t widely available enough to compare too either, and that isn’t much cheaper.

I see this as a more accessible alternative to a leased line. Which could cost several thousands to install, then several hundred per month thereafter. Given that this would be my only other option to exceed my current throughput.

I’ll wait and see how things look in 2022. I can stomach the monthly fee, but the up front cost is the deterrent. My conditions are perfect for it too, as there would be no obstructions.

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Do you mean FTTP not FTTC? If so, over 20% of the UK has access to it already…

Wow, quite a few errors in that post! But yes, I meant FTTP!


to add on to this, 20% is peanuts. It’s not available where I live, and there are currently no plans to roll it out here before 2025. We only just got FTTC a little over a year ago.