Starlink - satellite internet by SpaceX

Low orbit Internet satellites by SpaceX

From internet speedtests I’ve seen Pings in the 40ms-80ms range and download speeds of 50mb/s at the SLOWEST and uploads of 10mbps at the slowest!

To me this is amazing to see, especially for people who are stuck on traditional satellite internet through Viasat etc, getting 800-900ms ping and 0.3mbps download!

SpaceX are killing it!


They’re certainly killing it at littering Earth’s orbit with unnecessary junk that can’t be upgraded if needed, causes so much light pollution that observing the universe is becoming increasingly difficult in places and will eventually lock us in on this planet as leaving without hitting something and exploding will be increasingly harder.

The sooner it stops, the better for humanity


They’re killing the view of space from earth too - I’ve done a bit more research beyond just the internet speeds/latency

Humans, eh? Filled the oceans with plastic so much so that plastic particles are now being discovered in the human womb. Now we can move on to chucking out crap into space so we can pollute the rest of the universe.


Depends if you believe there is life out there or not.



I know that @j06 was on about a different thing entirely - it was a poor joke

Your finest hour :smirk:


It does not.


I thought they are supposed to burn themselves up in the atmosphere at the end of life .

Cool visualisation of space debris


This… is worse than I thought. Shows that we don’t need thousands of Musk satellites. Who regulates that anyway?

the FAA, i believe - Amazon are wanting in on this and there’s a UK based firm ‘OneGlobal’ I think also wanting in - so it’s going to get worse before it gets better

It’ll be interesting to see. I think it’s still too expensive for the majority of people at the moment, but if the speeds go up and the prices come down it’ll be a real game-changer for the Internet world.

At the moment, it’s $500 (one time fee) for the equipment and $100 for the service (per month)


So all the Starlink satellites are in Low Earth orbit. To the point where there is just enough atmospheric drag to slowly de-orbit them over the space of a few months if they don’t keep raising their orbits back up.

They are also built using materials that will almost entirely burn up in the atmosphere if they do de-orbit.

So when they break, or come to end of life, they just fall out of the sky and burn up.

They have also started adding various things to them to hopefully eliminate or at least greatly reduce their viability from earth.

Unlike current geostationary satellites used for communications which are so far out, when they die, they just hang out there forever.


Still plenty of time yet for Planetes to turn out to be an amazingly prescient prediction of our orbital future.

And even if they burn up, there’s still this problem:

Okay, i’m playing devils advocate here, but that picture is pretty cool! looks all artsy

I can only get 30MB internet max in my village over a landline and cannot get Virgin or other fibre companies. I can’t even use 4G instead to get better internet as I live on the slope of a valley so the hill blocks a strong signal (the mast is just over the hill above me, 5G will take forever to get here and I will have the same problem) so mainly get 3G at home.

£89 per month starts to seem to more reasonable to me due to this, if I can get the offered rate of 50-150MB. The future potential of 1GB internet also is interesting. I will let you all know how it goes :grin: !

I miss my 380MB Virgin :disappointed:


A few times last spring and summer the Starlink satellites were visible in the sky from the UK. I went out to watch them and I must admit it was pretty cool to see a train of satellites move across the night’s sky!

(Not my photo, from The Independent)


When is it due to ‘go live’ the guys over on /r/starlink would appreciate this

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