Starling Passes

Yes Please would love to

Anyone has a spare Starling pass? I would love to check them out!

Who can send me a passcode? Please

Is there anyone who can send me a passcode too please? Trying to get a starling account to try out the API got a couple of ideas for workflow based logic to perform automated savings, should easily transfer back to monzo or any other bank that runs a similar sort of api setup.

Nice one. Thanks for this!

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Would be interested in a Starling Pass if possible also! :slight_smile:

Anyone got a starling pass going free?

Count me in too if anyone has a spare starling pass :slight_smile:

Please can someone send me passcode

Hey, if anyone has any more passes I’d love to get one. Thanks!

Anyone got a free pass for Starling, just want to compare

If anyone has a pass I’d be interested :slight_smile: thanks

jumps on bandwagon

I’ll take a pass if anyone has one :grinning:

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I’m beginning to think these passes are like unicorns…

Hope you’re having a great weekend :smile: just a heads up that Starlingdevs.slack are securing a number of Starling Passes just for developers who want to build on the Starling API, and they’ll be giving them out via their Slack ‘General’ channel tomorrow.

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Hey, any chance I can jump on the bandwagon n all? Id love a pass if anyone has one.

Received my card yesterday, topped up the minimum £50 via Apple Pay. Will try using it this week :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’d be keen on a pass if anyone has one too