Starling Feedback

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Profile icon -> Settings cog -> Activity -> Download All


Ah, thanks. I thought it would be blank as it says ‘no activity’, but the download actual contains the posts.

(Dan Mullen) #4584

Yeah, I’ve been suspended until 3018 too. Just wait until my ban is lifted, I’ll have some strong words for them… :wink:

(Daniel White) #4585

I imagine it’s some kind of GDPR compliance thing that even if they hide everything they still have to give you access to your own posts.

(Ryan) #4586

We’re definitely on a list! :joy:

They really don’t like people talking about starling!


They’re being a bit optimistic thinking they’ll still be around in 3018. They could be part of RBS in months for all we know. :grin:


I see Starling are providing their usual fantastic service…


Embargoed press release waiting for midnight?

Royal Bank of Starling (no community) has a ring to it…


I wonder if Starling has closed down their community shouldn’t Monzo close down this forum too…


Erm, no?

(Thomas Horne) #4592

We have a reopening date for the forum! :tada: :rofl:


How come? Starling was obsessed with Monzo, not the other way around.


I spent way too much time on that forum. So I’m glad its gone.


(Andre Borie) #4595

Quite worrying but inline with my own chargeback experiences with Starling. They literally once said to me that I should trust the merchant (and not go ahead with the chargeback) because their website looked legitimate (despite nothing much being legitimate about them, as they were an unlicensed Forex broker - and yeah I knew and I was ready to loose that money anyway).

(Daniel White) #4596

To be fair to Starling (I think a bit of sick just came up :face_vomiting:), I don’t think not being able to sit in First Class or whatever appears to be the case is a valid reason to do a Chargeback?

But as always, it appears CS could have handled it much better.

(Andre Borie) #4597

Why not though? The whole point of first class is to be able to sit in first class coaches which are usually much quieter and offer extra perks like sockets for charging, etc. Seems like a perfectly valid reason for a chargeback to me if you were denied those services despite paying extra for them.


It’s not the message, it’s how it’s delivered… :frowning:

Can we get a #fail emoji?


Not had to manage a chargeback with them, but I went through the Ticketmaster thing with them and had to essentially explain what the whole thing was and why I needed a new card. It took a while and a good few people to get them to even acknowledge there was an issue.

Perhaps replacing the card wasn’t needed, I don’t know, but they inspired no confidence in the handling of it.


That depends on how the train company have handled this and whether he has taken this up with them already. He certainly isn’t entitled to a full refund, but according to National Rail:

If you have paid for a First Class ticket and no First Class seats are available (or where a First Class carriage was advertised but not available), then you will be able to claim through the TRAIN COMPANY for the difference in fare between your fare and a walk-up standard class fare for the same service. Please note that occasionally a promotional or Advance First Class fare can be cheaper than the walk-up Standard Class fare and in these cases you may not be entitles to any money back.

So he may well be entitled to something back, and if the company isn’t playing ball a chargeback may well be reasonable.

(Daniel White) #4601

I guess so. I suppose it’s difficult without the full context. If the person has already been to the train company and complained and been fobbed off, then a chargeback seems fair.

I’ve only ever done a chargeback once and that was after ‘discussing’ the issue with the vendor at length. They went out of business not long after (not because I my chargeback I hasten to add)! What goes around comes around I suppose!

Edit: Sorry @admdly, looks like we were typing at the same time!