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I haven’t the slightest idea why people defend changes made, paticularly features removed or fees added because they don’t personally use them, by a bank. I’m a Starling customer, though have followed Monzo longer (without committing), and I find the whole thing rather bemusing. I’m all for challenger banks and it’s nice to be able to help shape a new bank as part of the community, but it’s a business at the end of the day.

Starling in particular I feel benefits from the fact that it’s a ‘new’ bank and they’re using new technologies, but I don’t think the challenger bank mindset is there. I’ve found them to listen when it works for them, but they’re not very open in general.

They don’t do anything paticularly wrong, but they don’t act any different from any other bank either; otherwise they’re a pretty decent bank. That works for many people, but I don’t think the Fintech/tech focused customer is their target or that such a customer will be pleased long term.

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Don’t get the praise for Megan on that thread for interacting with the community, she only repeated all of the points they had already made and didn’t give a good response in my opinion. Especially around the point on accessible cards. :roll_eyes:


I can only comment from my perspective, but staff over at Starling seem to get praise just for becoming involved as they don’t always take the opportunity to do this, or do so while maintaining ‘professional distance’.


Some challengers must already regret launching community forums.

Revolut would probably love to shut theirs down if they only knew how to do it without causing a backlash :joy:

Starling might start feeling the same as they approach profitability :smirk:

New fintechs will probably think very hard before launching their respective forums. It can be an asset that could turn into a liability within two hours :rofl:

On a serious note, it must be bloody difficult for a bank to make money while being transparent, ethical and honest to their clients. It will be very interesting to warch Monzo trying to do just that :thinking:

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N26 launch Spaces, their version of Pots. Awkwardly this is going to be the new name for Starling Goals and Loans too.

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Spaces :joy_cat:

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I thought Goals was already their version of Pots since ages ago? What changed?


They are going to add loans so it will not be just Goals hence the name change I guess.


“Spaces” for Starling will be the tab heading effectively - It will incorporate Goals and Loans (a little weird to have saving and borrowing right next to each other…).

N26 is using the word “Spaces” as it’s “Pots/Goals” implementation.

I could be entirely wrong - It’s all overly complicated at this point!


So the new Starling card is not only about nice colour and vertical orientation.

The chip had to be redisigned to allow for Post Office cash deposits. It is a good feature to have, if I am honest. :clap:


That’s interesting! Has Starling announced a partnership with the Post Office?

(And does that mean they’ll have to replace all cards, I wonder? I thought they were only changing the purple ones when they expired :thinking: )


Only new teal cards will work for PO deposits. The partnership to be announced soon:wink:

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Interesting, that new cards are needed for this…


Yep - New cards will be needed for Post Office cash deposits (which is coming soon… this is their version of Monzo’s "Apple Pay is coming soon).

Interestingly, the new joint account cards haven’t been announced yet, so they’ll also need to be updated for the PO cash deposits.


Interesting that the :monzo: joint account card has a new style chip as well…


Nothing to do with the chip “style”, it’s purely down to the software on it. In fact, they should’ve been able to update the older cards via “issuer script” which is downloaded upon successful contacted transactions. :wink: They might still do it for older cards as I can’t see it being cost-effective to force the replacement of all cards.

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I remeber @Rika saying it’s possible to do stuff like this when using chip and pin (including changing the pin in app and it pushing it to the card, but this is messy UX).
Must be quick to do it during the space of a transaction. I guess it’s only a few kB.

It makes sense for new cards to come pre programmed. I’m sure everyone’s will get an update.

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Not everything can be changed via. issuer script. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m going to wildly speculate that to add this, they may have had to add another application to the card or change some card settings that are only able to be set at manufacturing/personalisation time. This would mean they couldn’t field-update existing cards.


But surely, any card worth its salt would be able to install additional applications remotely? I don’t see why you’d ever consider a card that can’t be fully updated in the field. I doubt there are security risks - the keys can still be protected (so like even the card’s code is unable to gain access to the keys directly, but only do crypto operations with them and get the results of those), and frankly if an attacker can send issuer script on your behalf you have more things to worry about already.