Starling Feedback

Yes it’s very good. I hope Monzo do something similar


I recently opened a business account with Starling (no need to rely on the card so GPS outages aren’t an issue) and I would like to say I am very pleased so far. :heart_eyes:

The only hiccup was that it wouldn’t initially accept my mobile number as it was already used for my personal account (closed) which apparently still had a password (which I deleted from my password manager) and there was no easy way to reset the password via email. I ended up making a new number and using that for now.

The other thing is that they now enforce either a passcode or Touch ID. :rage:


Their payee management looks really slick, especially dealing with payees with more than one account :+1:t3: I haven’t had to pay very many people throughout my banking experience thankfully so I haven’t experienced any of the issues people often list re: Monzo’s payee management. I’m sure lots of people want better control/ editing capabilities for payees atm.


Payments on Starling are really slick. I like the touch of a quick countdown, too, so you can cancel if you need to. I’m not sure about some of the security though - no need for a password / fingerprint to make a payment but it is needed for some other random stuff.

The other thing I really like is the security model around the marketplace. You can see all the apps / sites that have access to your data, and revoke access should you need to. Oh, and it’s nice to have proper multi device support (but I think that Starling’s implementation could probably be improved on…)

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Starling payee management is good and would like to see Monzos when it has been approved in the road map.


I’d be happy with just the ability to add a photo to a payee! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Would be amazing if payee management was better. I currently have 3 accounts for one person showing but I’ve no idea which account is which due to lack of labelling and consolidation of the contacts. Fingers crossed this is on the road map

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So I just rang up Starling to change the number on the business account to be the same as my personal one (web chat told me it was possible) and unfortunately now it seems to no longer be possible according to the advisor on the phone. Quite disappointed really, now it means I need to keep a phone number aside just for Starling…

That’s not great. Did they say why?

Not really, typical Starling. :sob:

They said they must keep the old number on record for regulatory (I assume KYC) purposes which is expected, but surely they can fullfil this requirement by putting the original number in a “notes” field on the account model and remove it from the phone number field so it allows me to register it again? Especially as that’s exactly what the advisor on the web chat said, they could deassociate it from the original account.

The other thing is that the phone number isn’t even banned - it’s happy to let me try login but asks for a password, so if they tried hard enough they could just do a password reset on that and then link my new business account to that user profile (given that Starling already allows you to have both a business & personal account on the same user profile).

I have the feeling they’re just doing the bare minimum as far as customer support is concerned. A legacy bank in disguise. :pensive:


Hmm, seems odd. So Starling users can never change mobile number? Surely not?!

Have you posted on the Starling forum? They might be able to sort it out there


To be fair to them, there was a virtual riot on their forum a while back about customer service and they do seem to be taking it to heart - I have no direct experience, but they are reportedly learning and improving. Which is good! (Although evidently not fast enough in your case :disappointed:)


They told me once the account is verified the app would let me do that (at the moment there is nothing in the app suggesting that, not even a greyed out/disabled option). I’m curious of what the behaviour will be once I actually try to do that, as technically the old number belongs to another login (will it ask me for its password which I no longer have?).

@Rat_au_van this involves being able to log into their community in the first place which I can’t as I don’t have any social accounts and will not create one on purpose. There’s always the email support option but it doesn’t look too promising considering they didn’t even get back at me when asking if I was allowed to open a business account after closing a personal one (web chat cleared that one up for me after I asked there instead).

Overall they have lovely tech (I am impressed by the app and I sadly have to say it’s much more polished than Monzo at this point) but absolutely legacy customer service.

To be fair to them, there was a virtual riot on their forum a while back about customer service and they do seem to be taking it to heart

I’m sadly not sure I can trust anything they say at this point. This seems just like the story with GPS where they apologise after every outage but no long-term solutions get implemented. Hoping to be proven wrong though.


There’s been a couple of complaints from business account users who wanted to create a personal account after signing up to the business one, but it still isn’t possible to do so at the moment. Perhaps this is related?

It’ll probably be better to ask on the forum than message COps. The newer staff assigned to the community are a lot more helpful than the ones before and actually follow-up which I really appreciate. In-app help is often clueless/ contradictory in my experience.


In this case I’m actually surprised they’d launch a production-ready business account with such a huge issue. You’d expect your first business customers to be those who already know Starling and most of whom have a personal account already, so it would make sense to have an easy solution in place.

IMO the simplest solution would be the best - separate authentication domains for business & personal, so a phone number registered in the personal domain would still be available in the business one, and vice-versa.

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I think that’s why they didn’t consider that someone would open a business acc first before a personal one. If they can win over users who originally used it as a business account to do their personal banking with them too it’s a huge win. Doesn’t make sense to leave this issue too long I’m sure.


Can you not just inform them that your personal data has changed and that you require them to update it as per your right to rectification?

Having said that, as it is a business account I’m not sure where you stand in terms of GDPR…

The first business customers were personal account holders already, and everything was fine with that.

Your issue is that you closed your personal account, and given their 12 month “ban” on re opening an account, it seems to have affected you here.

I doubt they expected anyone whose closed a personal account recently, to want a business account.

It seems ridiculous that they can’t change the number, perhaps when they do sort out the “opening a personal account AFTER a business account issue”, it’ll clear itself up.

Or… it’s inherently tied to your closed account, and you can’t do anything until they change their policy on re opening an account.

Who knows!


Hmmm … I thought you were on Starling forum already?