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Far as I can figure, there’s a lot of similar sentiment on the Starling forum. Plenty of ideas about making it more useful. Down the road, though, I reckon…

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Another win for the challenger-bank movement :grinning:


On the above link and other places…I am hearing a lot of good with TSB.

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They doing interesting things?


A legacy bank doing interesting things? Highly unlikely. :joy:


One nice thing Starling currently does better than Monzo is Payees. A Payee can have multiple accounts under their name, each with its own description.

Another thing i like is that, on Android, Starling has a proper Material Design slide-out panel in which to store additional functionality instead of trying to stuff everything into the tabs along the bottom.


Yes, starling handles this much better.


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Agreed. Starling’s payees are better than any other banking app I have seen. I generally prefer Starling’s colour palette and the small animations actually assist with functionality and navigation, rather than appear just for show.

Objectively, Starling is currently leading Monzo. I trust Tom Blom a hell of a lot more than I trust Anne and I prefer the Hot Coral (subjective) and Monzo have made more of their ethical credentials, but are trailing in pure banking functionality I’m afraid.

But I’m playing the long game, and still believe Monzo will be my preferred bank when the rush for new features calms down.

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Isn’t Megan running the show there?

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I like the way we are on first name terms with the bosses of challenger banks.

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No, Anne’s CEO (& founder) and Megan’s Chief Platform Officer. I can see why you’d get that impression though as she does a lot of the panels, podcasts etc. :slight_smile:


What actually is a chief platform officer? I’ve never heard that one before :smiley:

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Here’s a job definition from someone who clearly wants to blow their own trumpet

Don’t think I’m much wiser after reading it though

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Out of interest, has anyone tried their business accounts yet? I’d be interested to know what they look like.


Nope. Still waiting for mine.

[edit] seems they they’ve not launched them yet despite their website suggesting that they have. :thinking:

This is what frustrates me about Starling. They’re extraordinarily good at self publicity, they make some big claims but don’t always manage to deliver.

I get the feeling that they’re a bit mealy-mouthed and that makes me distrust them. I don’t believe what they say is true. I just get the impression that the way they are is just a little bit less than honest. And that’s a shame.


It’s in the press as being available, even though it’s not available yet. :roll_eyes:

(Peter Roberts) #1921

They are like a legacy bank in this respect. I don’t know what their real agenda is and I don’t believe they actually care about me beyond appearing to so they get my business :frowning:️. Their product so far in my experience is good though


Would be fascinating if someone privy to the Starling/Monzo split could use third parties to “hypothesise” as to why the split story is NDAed. Is it a question of ethics or ethos?

(Mods - Not asking for someone to actually do this. Just expressing that there are likely to be good reasons the parties involved split and founded Monzo.)

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I am Toms Uncle :slight_smile:
I am an Investor in Monzo :slight_smile:

the below links to reports of service is for me one of the things that sets Starling apart from Monzo, on the “outage” on 29th March that affected MasterCard payments to certain POS terminals - Starling I believe were equally affected, not for the first time any “outages” are never reported in the Starling status page.

  • Monzo twitter feed versus Starling twitter feed for the same period 29th March

no incidents on Starling at all for the 29th - probably didn’t affect many customers though so not worth reporting and recording :slight_smile:

(Marcel Ruhf) #1924

Agreed - I was about to go to a supermarket next to where I live which uses a card terminal from the affected acquirer when I got the text message from Monzo’s status page, plus another when it was resolved. In contrast, Starling only had an in-app notification banner, which disappeared when the issue was resolved. Nothing on their status page, forum or Twitter account.