Starling Discussion

(Graham - Mental health professional) #822

Steady on…:flushed:

(Jack) #823

Where do I sign up?


Sedate tea-sipping contest?

(Graham - Mental health professional) #825

Have your people contact our people :grinning:

(Is Santa here yet?) #826

How long will this opinion getting process last? And has the decision already been taken? There is a precedent

(Jack) #827

If Coral Crew win I want Starling socks, just saying… :no_mouth:

(Graham - Mental health professional) #828

It needs dragging out a bit yet…


I think a contest of some form has been agreed. We just need to broker the details. Waving socks on the ninja warrior course whilst drinking tea, wasn’t it?

I take it that former coral crew members are welcome, too?

(Jack) #830

@Rat_au_van will always be part of the CC :slight_smile:




@Rat_au_van is cool Monzo member due to her excellent cat profile picture.


That is true. But it is only one among many reasons.


Serious(ish) question: @Demmedelusive, did I read on the Starling forums that the Gurus popped in to have a chat with Starling folk recently? Is it a regular thing to go in and have a chat about how the community thinks that things are going?

@Jackcrwhitney do you do similar (with Monzo, not with Starling, obvs)?

(Jack) #836

Yes, in fact we have a meet up fairly soon… There’s also the option to attend via Google Hangouts (if you don’t fancy the trek or would just prefer).
I believe they are going to try and make it a regular thing (if it’s not already), every few months or so.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #837

We did, @Peter_G.

It was the first time the Gurus had met as a whole group. It’s not expected to be a particularly regular thing and was very much about looking at how the community is evolving - communication & suchlike.

No huge exposés about the product. Much more a get to know you (and come away heavy laden with merchandise :grinning:). Nice folk (probably, very much like their Monzo counterparts).

(Sacha) #838

There ain’t no party like a S[tarling] Club Party :rofl:


Exclusive footage from the recent Guru meet-up, there…

(Graham - Mental health professional) #840

Beats me where you hid the cameras :flushed:


personally I chat with them regularly even without a meeting, but I also chat to Monzo, Monese, Bunq, Fidor, etc staff regularly. I don’t regard myself tied to one particular bank…unless one of them gives me a job :wink:


now you have to guess which of the Gurus are which S Club member :rofl: